• Hello!

    Here are some questions and answers:

    Q:Are you lazy?

    Q:How old are you
    A:You will never know

    Q:Do you have a YouTube?

    Q:What is your YouTube?
    A: None Ya

    Q:What's your roblox acc?

    Q:What's your twitter?
    A:Logan The Melon

    Q:What's your real name?
    A:Logan (that's all you will ever know EVER ~-~)

    Q:What's your gender?
    A:Boy OFC

    Q:Who are your friendsss?
    A:Shadow. (MR.LONELY)

    Q:Who do you like?
    A:NO ONE (no shipz aloud -.-) (ps. If you ship me I'll kill u -•-)

    Q:Do you like someone in real life?

    Q: What's 30 plus 29
    A:Ummmmm *counts fingers* 87?...No? How about 64?..... (I'm very stupid but of course the answer is 59)

    Q:If you were stranded on a island what are the three things you would want
    A:A escape raft,A food and water kit,And a working flat screen tv

    Q:Do you like anime?
    A: OF COURSE I DO c;

    Q:Do you like dogs?
    A:Yep, I have one named bailey.

    Q:Are you planning to improve from your crappy art style?
    A:I'll try. Hey I said try I probably won't but atleast I'll try (°∀°)b


    So I'm baysicaly just a person nothin special and I know one day we will all die and be forgotten about. ;~~;

    I'm not the best drawer because I draw on my phone but irl IM AMAZING ^-^

    What I picture you look like (unless you follow me) -> [[•__*}]'


    Also....Thanks for reading all of the crap on my profile!!

    Your still there? :oo


    Fine I'll tell more.

    My favorite games:Fnaf,Call Of Duty Ghosts,Undertale,Minecraft,Roblox. I think that's it..

    My favorite shows: The walking Dead

    My favorite movies:Logan (CUZ ITS MY NAME OFC c;) And suicide squad

    My favorite foods: Pasta,cookies,Watermelon,ice cream,chicken,kiwi,mangos,steak,Gum (is that even a food >.>),BACONN

    That's all!

    Well maybe not ALL

    Okay yeah all..

    *whistle* YOU CAN LEAVE NOW

    *forces of page* BAI BAI *waves*
    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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