Pink Pya


  • Hiya I'm PYA! But you can call me Madie if you want!! Nice to greet you.
    Q • Name?
    A • Pya Papayai ♥︎

    Q • Gender?
    A • Female.

    Q • Sexuality?
    A • I’m straight, babe. I just don’t act it.

    Q • Relationship status?
    A • S-I-N-G-L-E

    Q • Are you a furry?
    A • No. in my honest opinion, I hate furries. I just draw animals like that because it’s fun and weird and I like that. (Plus I have WAY more people OC’s I just can’t draw people on here to save my own ass.)

    Q • Are you a weeb?
    A • Yeah, I mean, I’d definitely consider myself one not gonna lie X’D but like, I’m one of those weebs that you would NEVER know I was one until you got to know me. (I like the gory stuff~)

    Q • You’re OC looks scene.
    A • Well have you SCENE what you look like, green bean?

    Q • Any of your OC’s resemble you?
    A • To be honest, all of them have at least one or more HUGE traits that make up me. Weather it’s anger issues, sly actions, smart aleck word play, or any other of my interesting traits. They have it. ;)
    Good Papayas~
    Love all my little
    ♥︎❤︎ P A P A Y A S ❤︎♥︎

    My Own Species: Blosphriss
    -----------Kiwi Pinko-----------
    “Hey-! I’m Kiwi Pinko! A pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay!”
    ‘I’m the furry version of Pya! I agreed to the name change don’t worry! ...well, sorta. ’
    ‘I’m married to a wonderful man named Jeff~ he’s my hunny-bunny. Love that man! Go you sweetie!’
    ‘I have two boys, Bearo and Kenny! They’re my sweet angels, I don’t know how I’d do anything without them there to help me!’
    -----------Pa-Pa Bær-----------
    “He-llo..- I um..this is about me I guess—um..Pa-Pa..”
    ‘I haven’t really decided my sexuality yet, so just go with what you think I’m more of..’
    ‘I’m missing my left ear—..s-so If I cant hear you, I’d try speaking l-loudly..’
    ‘I’m really sorry for how I act...I’m annoying...’
    “Do I say my name now? now? oh okay. Sup my names Baddusk.”
    ‘So, I may possibly be a international criminal. hey I said possibly.’
    ‘I have a boyfriend named Space, he’s pretty “out of this world” bahaha! i’ll stop.’
    ‘I’m a dominant blosphriss, i’m the highest rank in my species.’
    “H-Huh—oh i’m just Pinto.”
    ‘Baddusk says since I can create vapor bubbles from the top of my head that i’m like a life-like humidifier..’
    ‘I’m s-s-single n-ow—’
    ‘I’m a submissive blosphriss, meant to be paired with dominant’s..’
    -------------Boba Tea------------
    “So whatup bro? I’m Boba—like the drink.”
    ‘I’m a shapeshifting phantom, mainly in the form of a ghost-like rabbit.’
    ‘Lover? Tch—no one ever stays with a slut.’
    ‘God do you even lift bro?’
    --------Edison Ackerman--------
    “Yo, please do call me Ed. I swear to god if I hear ‘Edison’ come out of your mouth I’ll stab myself in the eye.”
    ‘I’m a werewolf. It’s obnoxious.’
    ‘I do choicely things that probably aren’t the greatest decision..’
    ‘Sarcasm: 99.9%’
    ----------Cincinnati Joel----------
    “Salutations, I, am Cincinnati! :)”
    ‘I like to think of myself as a bit of a poindexter, heheh, I’m just not always all about math.’
    ‘You have to keep tidy, no one wants to talk to a dirty man!’
    ‘I want to find someone who will treat me right!’
    ------------Bryttany Lee-----------
    “Hey hey hey! They call me Bry down at the gym! So you can too!”
    ‘Phew, I love to work out n’ all but it’s nice to relax with James! ^//^’
    ‘You sure are cute, wanna be gym partners with Boba and I?’
    ‘Settle down and keep your wits.’
    -----------Jacks Obuay------------
    “Oi oi! Fox-kid here!!”
    ‘I’m a fox kin, which means I’m half human and fox! I can hide my tail and ears away or leave them out.’
    ‘I’m an instigator so if you get annoyed with the sarcasm the doors that way pal!’
    ‘Eni’s a cute guy when you first meet him, but then...he’s a freak~’
    ----------Lennon Brooks----------
    “Hey call me Lennie!! What’ll it be tonight—wait—I’m not at work—”
    ‘I like to get into fights sometimes so, I look a little broken- haha! ^^” ’
    ‘Okay, I get that my hair looks greasy a lot but it still kinda hurts when people point it out...’
    ‘Honestly Ima hot mess. It’s not hard to see why people stay away from me.’
    Kiwi Pinko • Married to Jeff • (straight)
    Pa-Pa Bær • Single... • (un decided)
    Baddusk • Taken by Space • (homosexual)
    Pinto • Crushing on Tom • (homosexual)
    Boba Tea • Crushing on Pando • (bisexual)
    Cincinnati Joel • Single • (homosexual)
    Edison Ackerman • Taken by Eddie • (bisexual)
    Bryttany Lee • Crushing on Jameson • (heterosexual)
    Jacks Obuisana • Taken by Eni • (un decided)

    Lennon Brooks • Single • (bisexual)
    U S E R S:
    Instagram: @Pinkpya
    Tumblr: @Pink-pya
    Amino (Arts and OC’s): @Pink pya
    ROBLOX: FancyLovingKitty (I was 8 give me a break)

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