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  • Hiya I'm PYA! But you can call me Madie if you want!! Nice to greet you.
    Q • Name?
    A • Pya Papayai ♥︎

    Q • Gender?
    A • Female.

    Q • Sexuality?
    A • I’m straight, babe. I just don’t act it.

    Q • Relationship status?
    A • S-I-N-G-L-E

    Q • Are you a furry?
    A • No. My oc Pya, herself, is a human & I just would never be a furry because Jesus Christ those suits must get hot. & I don’t have the time & effort to put into a suit, I’m also not really about their whole business either. It’s just a bit weird to me. ^^”

    Q • Are you a weeb?
    A • Yeah, I mean, I’d definitely consider myself one not gonna lie X’D but like, I’m one of those weebs that you would NEVER know I was one until you got to know me. (I like the gory stuff~)

    Q • Your OC looks scene.
    A • Well have you SCENE what you look like, green bean?

    Q • Any of your OC’s resemble you?
    A • To be honest, all of them have at least one or more HUGE traits that make up me. Whether it’s anger issues, sly actions, smart aleck word play, or any other of my interesting traits. They have it. ;)

    Love all my little
    ♥︎❤︎ P A P A Y A S ❤︎♥︎

    My Own Species: Blosphriss
    -----------Kiwi Pinko-----------
    “Hey-! I’m Kiwi Pinko! A pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay!”
    ‘I’m the furry version of Pya! I agreed to the name change don’t worry! ...well, sorta. ’
    ‘I’m married to a wonderful man named Jeff~ he’s my hunny-bunny. Love that man! Go you sweetie!’
    ‘I have two boys, Bearo and Kenny! They’re my sweet angels, I don’t know how I’d do anything without them there to help me!’
    -----------Pa-Pa Bær-----------
    “He-llo..- I um..this is about me I guess—um..Pa-Pa..”
    ‘I haven’t really decided my sexuality yet, so just go with what you think I’m more of..’
    ‘I’m missing my left ear—..s-so If I cant hear you, I’d try speaking l-loudly..’
    ‘I’m really sorry for how I act...I’m annoying...’
    -----------Bryce Heather------------
    “My names Bryce, there you go, no more information...fine you caught me.”
    ‘The old me left a sour taste in my mouth. But hey! Take a look at sour patch kids! Sour can turn sweet, no~?’
    ‘I have a little girl, & let me tell you something, anyone hurts that little girl- we’re all going to be 7 feet under. Not even because of me, because her mother will get their first.’
    ‘We need more subtitles in this “America”.’
    ----------Doctor Ingrid Hymn----------
    “Hello, my name is Doctor Hymn. Right this way.”
    ‘I’m not actually all formal- & I don’t know very many big words. I’m a fraud...’
    ‘Two people make me the happiest, along with my daughter Bonnie...I wouldn’t be anywhere without them in my grasp...’
    ‘Yikes! That bruise looks awful! Have you considered seeing a doct—oh— right..’
    ----------Hazel Bennet------------
    “Hello welcome!! My names Hazel, it’s very nice to meet everyone—you—is there only one? Just you? Okay—”
    ‘I’ve had a bad start to my life as an adult, but I swear, something about Ray makes it all better.’
    ‘I’ve considered myself as being innocent..but it doesn’t work out for as much as I know. Fake it to make it right?’
    ‘I’m a sheep-kin. So I have little ears an a tail sometimes if you see me!’
    -------Douglas Malheureux--------
    “Bonjour les belles dames et les beaux hommes. Je suis Douglas.”
    ‘So obviously, yes I’m French. But I can speak full English sentences perfectly.’
    ‘I love red heads, a lot. Their hair color is so out there & glorious. It’s very fine & reminds me of poppies.’
    ‘You fuck with Kai, you fuck with me. Anything that happens to that little shit expect me to come down on you with something a whole hell of a lot worse.’

    Kiwi Pinko • Married to Jeff • (straight)

    Pa-Pa Bær • Taken by Lulu • (undecided)

    Baddusk • Taken by Space • (homosexual)

    Pinto • Taken by Tom • (homosexual)

    Bryce Heather • Crushing on Vix & Doctor • (pansexual)

    Hazel Bennet • Taken by Ray • (homosexual)

    Douglas Malheureux • Taken by Kai • (bisexual?)

    Roscoe McCarthor • Taken by Tail • (bisexual)

    Malcoln J.T. • Crushing on Triston • (pansexual)

    Ingrid {Doctor} Hymn • Crushing on Vix & Bryce • (undecided)

    Zeypher Tennermen • Engaged to Annie • (straight)

    Bonnelle • Single • (to young to understand)
    U S E R S:
    Instagram: @Pinkpya
    Tumblr: @Pink-pya
    Amino (Arts and OC’s): @Pink pya
    TikTok: @kiwi.ass
    Fun Run 3: Kiwiass

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