Pink Pya


  • Hiya! I'm Pya! But you can call me Madie if you want!! Nice to greet you.
    Q • Gender?
    A • Femmy ´・ᴗ・`
    Q • Species?
    A • A bear-rawr!
    Q • Sexuality
    A • Straight, babe. ✌︎
    Q • Where do ya live bud? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    A • Wellllllll- *throws a smoke bomb down* distraction!
    Q • Lover?
    A • Teen Jeff~!
    Q • Any other family members?
    A • I have 5 sons ^^ Bearo, Kenny, Walker, Zander, and Greege. 3 of them are adopted but I'm not telling who bc I love them equally.
    Q • Age?
    A • On Animemaker my character doesn't age. And irl I'm 14 years. ^^
    Q • Can I draw you?
    A • You can draw me like one of your French girls. *poses*
    Q • Can you draw me?
    A • It's Easy, Mkay. (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)✧
    Q • Can I copy you?
    A • You can but if I find out I'll tell my followers to beat you up you- you big meanie!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚
    Fav Papayas~
    Diamond ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶
    Firelight ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
    Sharpo ٩(• • )۶
    Gręÿ (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
    Suki ٩(♡ᴗ♡ )۶
    Caramel ٩(⌤)۶
    Łüçkÿ ٩( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)۶
    Jolt ٩(☺︎ )۶
    Rhythmic Paws ٩(^L^)۶
    Zip ٩(´▽`)۶
    Nightsky (ノ_-。)۶
    Noodlez ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶
    Emily ٩(ô⌵ô)۶
    Goldie ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
    "Whatup, I'm *dramatic pose* P A T °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°"
    • I'm engaged to the most gorgeous girl in the whole wide galaxy. No contest~
    • I secretly love Starbucks ^\\^"
    • Pya's my obnoxious sister that I hate- Okay..maybe I love her a little bit..♥︎
    • *carressing beard hypnotized by its beauty*
    "Hello there darling or chap, I'm Kristin! Call me Kri Kri. ^^"
    • I have a beautiful wife named Cupcake.
    • I am starting my own family ^^
    • I tragically lost my brother Asher...but let's not talk about that
    • I have black eyes but my other side has red pupils-...
    "Darcy is here to tell y'all about'er!!"
    • First things first- mess with my baby, Misha, I'll hunt you down.
    • I have a little boy- and girls lemme get something straight, you break his heart I break your legs. ( ^ )
    • I hide my eye sometimes (≖")
    • Sassy, classy, and a little smart assy~!!
    "Well sup! I'm Janvier. ^"
    • My nickname is "Bambi" (//-//)
    • I love my stick boy, Jay~ ♥︎
    • I'm as straight as this line here➙ ≀ wait- uh oh..
    • I think Ana and I are still best friends..?
    "Hey there I'm Micah! Heh!"
    • I love my babies, Blaze and Butterfly!!
    • my wife Stella always comes first!
    • Kera is a good sissy ^^ protective, but good.
    • I have genetic depression so if there's a day I'm not myself. That's why. :<
    "Kera May is the name, dont where it out~"
    • My hunny is Black and my little hunnies are Melode and Ramey.
    • Daw, you're a cutie!!
    • Yeah yeah, I'm protective. I know.
    • Sometimes- I can be a little shallow.
    "I'm Ramey, nice to meet all ya."
    • I love my girlfriend Coral, and our son Amare. ò/ó
    • I'm 25 years, and as tall as LeBron James
    • Don't test me, or you're gonna make a ginger snap!
    • I have more freckles then I have sense.
    "Hey-llo there! I'm Peri!"
    • I'm what they call- a greemon.
    • I'm married to the most beautiful man in my life, Canine~
    • I love my daughter Kyla, so very much :')
    • *fluffs hair* Oh- sorry are you waiting for more? Just go on to the next person. I'm done.
    "H-Hi!!! I'm Bearo..!!"
    • My mom Pya runs this acc ^^ and my dad is Teen Jeff-- I look a lot like him!
    • I'm 19 years old, oh!- and my senpai is Betty! :///)
    • my adopted brothers Zander, Greege, & Walker feel biological to me ♥︎
    "Hi. My names Kenny. <:'//)"
    • I really don't know my sexuality- considering I like my best guy friend.
    • My dad's name is Teen Jeff, a-and someday I hope to be strong like him, and maybe be able to fight off my bullies..!
    • Andromeda is my super best friend. I love her bc she's always there to stick up for me and for me and to cry on, I love her so much.
    "Uhhh- hello there. I'm Graham."
    • So uh if you're wondering, I DO have a kid and a boyfriend so. Yeah, sorry, no asking out this guy. ^^"
    • my boyfriend Gunner, is something else, haha~
    • My one dad Asher...he died from attempted suicide-...fuck I miss him...and dad just want you to know- I love you....
    "I'm Nathan, *smiles big and happily* It's- it's good to meet you! ^^" "
    • I'm VERY sentimental, usually with Pix, I get all emotional around her~ <:///)
    • I love being around people, I honestly can't stand being alone..
    • Hugs are a big thing with me so don't get weirded out. *moves in for a hug*
    • My dad's are Graham and Gunner! And I love them. ^^
    “Yeoboseyo! naneun neoleul mannaseo gippeo Ella ya.”
    • I originally come from Korea like my mom, hangug-e gala!! ^^
    • I'm not sure what I am honestly? I think I'm a dog/ladybug..??
    • I have two kids! Ian & Fuchsia, they're dad had died but I'm hoping they'll love my boyfriend Charlie just as much!!
    • *hugs ladybug stuffy* -//-
    "Hi hi hi!! I'm Fuchsia~!"
    • I have a beautiful boyfriend named Georgie~! AND a beautiful son named Everett!!
    • I have a problem where I gain weight fast- ^\\\\^""
    • want a muffin?? Before they're all gone..hehe..? ^\\^""
    "Ciao, you can call me Ian. Nothing more."
    • I'm 18, and for my age some would say I act up- but honestly it depends on the person. You'll KNOW if I hate you. ;)
    • I'm not really a people person, but I love Mocha~ he's my favorite person in the entire world. And that's saying something.
    • Try not to bring up my dad..thanks.
    "Hm yes? Hello there- I am Citrus."
    • I love my sweet Titus, even tho it's against the rules. Haha. Rebal!
    • My kid Titus Jr is a little smart alic ^^"
    • I love my best friend, Zack!
    • I'm part of the Fruition Alliance with my sisters.
    "H-H-Hi I'm T-Titus Jr..!"
    • I'm s-sorry I'm so-so nervous!
    • Engaged to my sweet Marshall!! •\\\-
    • I have a baby girl named Miah~!
    • Goodness me- I am blushing a whole lot, h-huh?
    "Yo I'm Vivid Gold, how're ya?"
    • I'm dating Galaxy, and he's outta this world~ haha, jokes. *sucks at jokes*
    • My mom Vivi and dad Golden Midnight died awhile ago- but I think my brother is still messed up over it.
    • aha, what?
    • Hey, how about you go in the kitchen and fix us a sammy, hm?
    "He-Hey, I am Goldy. ✿"
    • I'm a wallflower..~ o///-
    • wait- where are you? I can't really see ^^"
    • I have a cute lil' girlfriend named Shimmer, ;///)
    • I have bad social anxiety..
    "Oi! I be Walker~!"
    • Well gosh of course you can touch my wings~! You don't have to ask, I'm fine with it really. ^^
    • I love my boyfriend Y-Ying he makes me feel-- sa-safe~ *blushing*
    • Ooo~! Forgot to mention my son Felix! Super adorable!!
    Love all my little
    ♥︎❤︎ P A P A Y A S ❤︎♥︎
    Relationships/My OC's:
    Kri Kri Hissé • Married (to Cupcake)
    Darcy Blincc • Taken (by Misha)
    Bearo Papaya • Taken (by Betty)
    Graham Hissé • Taken (by Gunner)
    Peri Greenly • Married (to Canine)
    Hudson Darlim • Taken (by Misty)
    Fillin Le'lionie • Taken (by Bell)
    Dasher Ro'Ly • Taken (by Chia)
    Micah Fang • Married (to Stella)
    Kera May Darker • Married (to Black)
    Citrus Biscuit • Married (to Titus)
    Titus Biscuit Jr. • Engaged (to Marshall)
    Vivid Gold Sky • Taken (by Galaxy)
    Goldy Sky • Taken (by Shimmer)
    Patrick Baere • Engaged (to Firelight)
    Nathan Hissé • Taken (by Pix)
    Ella Rockmover • Taken (by Charlie)
    Fuchsia Rockmover • Taken (by George)
    Ian Rockmover • Taken (by Mocha)
    Ramey Darker • Engaged (to Coral)
    Janvier Blincc • Taken (by Jay)
    Walker Papaya • Taken (by Ying)
    Everett Rockmover • Taken (by Shawn)
    Kenneth Papaya • Crushing (on Jackson)
    Kyla Greenly • Crushing (on Dash)
    Felix Papaya • Taken (by Ethan)
    Joon Oh Rockmover • Taken (by Xilen)

    --Credit to myself bc I started this >:3--

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