SuperTrio260:3/lonely sometimes/ ❤️ u all! ( I'm just a dumb kid living in this world


  • Hey everyone!!! Before I do anything else I would like to say plz sub to my YouTube channel ( it's SuperTrio260:3 )
    Name: SuperTrio260:3 or SuperT for short!!
    Gender: female
    Fave colors: pink, red, black, and white!!!!
    Any ocs??: yes!! My first ( but she isn't on AnimeMaker ) Softpaw Heart!!! 2nd: Strange Noot!!!: 3rd!!!: Nova!!! 4th: ( made with my sis ) Greenday!! 5th: Broken!!! 6th: SkyPaw!! 7th: (she also isn't on AnimeMaker) FrostBurn!!! 8th: Broken!!! 9th: Wasted!!! 10th: Stars!!! 11th: Trix!!! 12th: Smile!! Me: just forget about it all........ XD


    Nova x Nightmare = engaged

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