• These are a few things about me.
    What state I live in: utah
    What school I go to: Fox Hollow elementary
    My real name: Dakota
    My age: 11
    Grade I am in: 5th grade
    My teachers name: mrs. Hanson
    My teachers favorite thing: Star Wars
    My favorite color: hot pink, black,gray and white
    My favorite foods: drumsticks, orange chicken,chicken tacos,steak,steak cascadeas,chicken bites,pizza and I have a few more favorites.
    My favorite candys: Carmel Apple pops,baby bottle pops, push pops,pixie sticks(grape),hi chews( grape)
    And more favorites.
    My favorite ice cream: cookie dough
    Birthday: September 15 2005
    My favorite animal: baby siberian Huskies, Alkita's and Alaskan malute.
    2 favorite places I want to go to: Alaska and Paris
    So thing I love: Eiffel Tower, baby siberian huskies,Alkita's and Alaskan Malute
    My favorite YouTubers: Little Kelly, Cassiethecat, baby Ellie adventures, Aphmau, Youtub3 family, we are the Davies, smelly belly tv, wengie, RcBeauty101, Little Ropo, DonutTheDog, baby max, baby Leah, and Little Carly
    My favorite books: Survivors (dogs) And Puppy place ( bear the husky)
    My favorites movies: Hachi: A dog's tale, Ms Doupt Fire, A dogs pupose, rock dog, storks, and hairspray live
    How many siblings I have: 1 sister 0 brothers
    How old my sister is: 8
    Birthday: August 6 2008
    My sister's teachers name: ms. Lily
    My sisters grade: 3rd grade
    My moms a Heath care worker
    She is 37 years old
    My dad has two jobs he works at two buildings next to each other
    He is 40 years old
    My parents got divorced a long time ago when I was 6 or 6 or a half I don't know what age when they got divorced.
    These are a few things about myself

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