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  • Im Tazer, its Tazer time
    Moonlight 0u< your a great friend!! You inspire me alot and your really friendly!!!
    I love your attitude and your honor being someones friend who never gives up!
    Awww you never can get enough of that lil' Lizza!! They are the sweetest and the best lizard ever!! My opinion... Dont worry....she doesn't bite... She cares alot and her drawings are...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT WOULD TAKE LIKE HOURS TO TELL HOW GOOD HER ART STYLE IS ;3;
    Gannon: °u° Yas!! Hes my best friend of all time, but i have alot of em but he is in teh top list ^^
    Ah, her drawings are beautiful :D
    Crystal: ~vO She is adorbs!!! Shes the nicest kittydog on here!! :3 I love her personality and drawings! :D
    I can't even wish for a better friend!! Shes the best senpaiu too...~~~ ///

    Made up words by meh:
    Keyo (Okay
    Nuzz (Nuzzle
    Hui (Hey/hi
    Cjut (Cute
    Hugz (Hugs
    Senpai?: Crystal!~ shes the best!~~
    Crush?: Crystal~
    Waifu?: ((will it ever happen??? :D))
    Ma Family]
    Gannon - Father
    Ze Crystal - Senpaiu!~
    Ukaine - Sister
    Lunar - Sister
    Liza - Sister
    Mr fluff - brother
    Zig - brother
    Sleepy KinQ- brother
    Approx - niece
    Mini Chan - Sister in law
    Autumn- Sister in law
    Rainbow cupcakecat- Sister in law
    Melody - Sister in law
    Rainbow Rush - Sister in law

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