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    Henlo there nice pomegranates. And welcome to this child sAFE (lol prolly not) place.
    Please cAlL mE Ink. :3
    Fandoms: Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, and just trying to get into Amelie>^<.

    Some of my frens:Fragator,
    Red the alien(<33 :,) I'll see you soon red.)
    sprinkle, and Taylorlolzisnotok.

    My youtube channel is: Dont stalk me( search up Sabla me Dre nu and you'll find it)

    Backup youtube: quilly Vivi

    If you follow me you are officially a gummy tit soilder
    A place where you can embrace your gummy tits freely ( if u cringed than it worked)

    Goodbye beautiful asparagus and pears.♡

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