• I wont be animating much anymore..... sorry everyone i just dont feel like animating anymore...
    Hai eveyone! I'm icyblast4555 or just call me icy for short :). I love drawing, undertale, fnaf, pokemon, tattletail an more!
    Animal Jam: icyblast4555
    Roblox: manglethefox12223
    Youtube: Icyblast4555 AJ
    Minecraft: webkinzfan21 (sorta xD it's my sisters minecraft)
    Q and A's!

    Q. What is your favorite colour?
    A. Blue, black, yellow, green, white and all neon colours!
    Q. Do you have a senpai?
    A. Nupe
    Q. What's your favorite food?
    Q. What's your favorite game?
    A. Undertale, animal jam, and roblox!
    Q. Who is your favorite character in undertale?
    A. Sans boiiii
    Q. What do you think about this world?
    A. I love it so much!
    Q. How old are you?
    Q. Are you serious sometimes?
    A. Nah not all the time ;p;
    Q. Do you hate everyone?
    A. 0-0 what the heck is that question?! No I like this world! I don't hate anyone!
    Q.what's your Animal Jam user?
    A. Huh why do you want to know that? Lol jk my user is icyblast4555 ( same as this ^-^ )
    Q.what's your favorite animal?
    A. Wolfs bro!
    Q.do you like memez?
    A.yeeeeee fam!
    Q.what's your roblox user?
    A. Seriously another question about what's my user? Well its manglethefox12223
    Q.crosswords or junior jumble?
    A.crosswords with sans yo!
    Q.do you hate questions?
    A.nope! I love answering them so much!
    Q.are you lazy?
    A.yep I'm lazy for sure!
    Q.which is your favorite pokemon?
    A.mewtwo m8!
    Q.are you sick?
    A.nope I'm not sick right now :3
    Q.what are you doing right now?
    Q.frisk x sans or toriel x sans?
    A. I told you I don't ship.... wait that's only for shipping me! TORIEL X SANS = SORIEL!
    Q.are you always sleepy?
    A. Yea, tho I play games when I first come home after school ;p;
    Q. What's your Irl name?
    A. Too personal ;p;
    Q. Do you have achool?
    A. Yea... ;-;
    Q. Which undertale character do you hate?
    A. Jerry, just jerry
    Q. Who's your favorite tattletail?
    A. Purple,blue and yellow!
    Q. When do you go outside for the bus?
    A. Around 7:50 or 7:51 lol
    Q. Do you like pop? If yes, which one
    A. I love Dr pepper!
    Q. Do you have a dog? If yes, then how many?
    A. I have one dog!
    Q. Do you have a youtube?
    A. Yes! I do! Its icyblast45555 aj!
    Q. What gender are you?
    A. Girl lol x3
    Q. What's your favorite undertale AU
    A. UNDERSWAP M888888

    Well, I think I have enough Questions and Answers for one day lol! I will keep adding more question and answers everyday maybe if I have enough time! Feel free to tell me any questions and answers you would like to see on here! Also if you want you can feel free to ask me which animation I should do next!
    Go and see Undertalefangirl's animations :3 she makes good undertale animations :D

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