❤Zip the ??????❤~Teal DARKNESS~


  • ........
    Zip onfo:
    I'm 12. -3-
    I is girl. OuO
    My crush Is no one yet -////-
    I like to sing and play and I like to have.. fun Fun FUn FUN FUN FUN FUN,fun. ,FUN!! >:D
    I dislike nothing I'm fine we the everything. ☺
    I'm a doggy
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Teal info:
    Hello child ^^ and before you say " I'm not a child" I'm so old i don't have a age so fak you yes you are ^v^
    I like everything nice
    I dislike jammy, people being mean to my children (aka everyone) and that's all
    My crush is no one.why does every like me so much~? ;3
    I'm the darkness that follows you at night, I'm the monster in your closet and under your bed,

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