• Hello, I regret not publishing animations, it's because I live in Venezuela, a country located in South America, and ......... the situation in my country is too terrible ... several people have died of hunger because of the high cost it's the food ... and I had to wait a year to leave because my parents had to save up for the tickets ... my sister and I came to Chile and ... if I'm not from the United States ... the rest of my family is still here, but I know that my family could come to Chile with us ... that's why my inactivity

    my name in real life is: Ashley
    Nickname: candy (can you call me Ash or candy)
    I have 11 years old
    6th grade
    animes: kobayashi san chi no maid dragon, umaru-san, no game no life, dragon ball, pokemon.
    my favorite games: Batim (bendy and the ink machine), Undertale (Favorite AU: Flowerfell)

    •••••••••••• Thank you for seeing me and for understanding •••••••••••••••

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