• They see my rolling on my Segway, and I know they're all thinking I'm too white and nerdy! (I really am tan and nerdy tho XD) My Senpai is May and she is an sweet bean! -smiles- I have crippling depression. My life is painful and I'm about to probably drag you guys into it.
    -in a French accent- ✂️------Prepare to say goodbye to your little friend Happiness.----✂️
    Currently: Offline.
    Follower Count: 35! ^^
    Q: What do you draw with?
    A: A Wacom tablet on my laptop, but on here and my iPad, I use an Adonit Jot Mini.
    Q: Where do ye live?
    A: In the U.K.! Specifically, London! I love all of the colours here.
    Q: What's your age?
    A: -heavy breathing- GET... OUTTTTTTT!!! -screams like the boy in the Sonic haters video-
    Q: Are you a girl or boy
    A: I'm the most boyish girl you'll find!
    Q: What can I call you?
    A: If you don't know me, then Zephyrine. If I know you and like you, Zephy. If you're my bff (listed below) you can call me Logan
    Q: Favourite shows?
    A: The Loud House, Star Vs. Forces Of Evil, Total Drama Island, History Channel, National Geographic.
    Q: Why do you act weird and have weird OC's?
    A: Uhh... *smells glue* I can't tell you that.
    Q: Whets your name?
    A: ALEXANDER HAMILBURR I'm sorry it's Logan Matthews
    Q: Experiment Name?
    A: LA016
    Q: Crush?
    A: May! (•^•) She's so kawaii!
    Q: Boy/Girlfriend?
    A: Uhh.... May, duh!
    Q: Fears?
    A: Porcelain/Baby dolls, not being good enough, not having an education.
    Q: Any YouTube channel?
    A: Nope. Stay safe kiddos.
    Best Friends: Sasha, Aura, Ice fur, May, KittyToonsTv, Josh, Kirs35, Inky, IKnowUnikorn, possibly M••£l!ght

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