Åłëxåñdër Håmîłbūrr/Î Døñ't Kńøw Ėîthēr, Mån


  • Don't mess with me I have the power of Phillip's spirit inside of me. (Phillip is Hamiltons dead son. R.I.P Phillip)

    Q: Are you a girl or boy
    A: Girl
    Q: What can I call you?
    A: Alex
    Q: Why do you act weird and have weird OC's?
    A: Uhh... *smells glue* I can't tell you that.
    Q: Whets your name?
    Q: Crush!
    A: Not telling. You have no right to know.
    Q: Fears?
    A: Porcelain/Baby dolls, not being good enough, not having an education.
    Q: Any YouTube channel?
    A: Yes, actually. I'm InsanityPlays AJ on YouTube!
    BestFriends: Sasha, Aura, Ice fur, Josh, Kirs35

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