{Prickly Pear||Hamiltrash||Nerdy (̶◉͛‿◉̶)||Heathers||Awkward One||PinkFloyd||Gravity Falls||Spongebob||Doctor Who||OFFLINE}


  • "Heya, I'm Jaden!"
    {loves suspenders}
    {Mustache fanatic}
    {shy sometimes but usually a social butterfly}
    {Basically like me, the "artist"}
    {Single Pringle}
    {plays tennis irl}
    {Crushing on Luna}
    {Cartoony Pear}
    {One too many fandoms}
    {Loves to say "Hey beans!"}
    {tough on the outside, but gets emotionally hurt easily}
    {People I'm Close To: Aura, Sasha, May, Rin, Moonlight, JablurbLeSmuref, Jazzeh, KittyToonsTv, Sharpo, Jordon and Ice fur, Galexia, Flufy, •Blink•, and Luna}

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