• ~ - ° ☆ hi im sprinkle welcome to the account! - ☆°~
    I am a young artist, it trying my best!
    I'm still choosing if astronomy or art is my passion! ^^'
    I like hamilton, steven universe, and splatoon. (I ALSO LIKE ANIMAL CROSSING AND RHYTHM HEAVEN)
    I am indeed taken by my wonderful girlfriend, taylor ♡
    small information:
    I am a taurus
    venus, mars, and saturn are my favorite planets
    I'm 5'1
    a pansexual
    and still learning !
    YouTube / sad little sprinkle
    Instagram / sad_sprinkle
    Sketch / @sprinkle
    add me on AC pocket camp: 77333552493
    (Yes i am a genuinely active user I usually tend to delete post)

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