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  • Hello! Everyday I will make Puella Magi Madoka Magica stuff! Mostly eyes cuz I suck at drawing anime XD but yeah, stay tuned! Now here is some randomly awkwardly stuff about me!
    Q and A
    Q:What's your favorite color?
    A:Red,Green and yellow
    Q:Do you ship Sayaka Miki X Kyousuke?
    A: yus....just yus
    Q:Who is better? Wolfy or Blue(my oc)
    Q:What is your rate on yourself?
    Q: 0_0
    A:just leave me the hell alone..so I can do my happy dance!!
    Q: Who are you being for Halloween?
    A:Is it obvious? I'm being Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica!
    Q:am I your friend?
    A:I hired you to ask me questions....so hell yes!
    Some better info
    Real name:Daryn
    Fav color for real:RED AND BLUE!!
    Fav animal:all :3
    Fav Animes/Movies/TVShows:Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Vocaloid,Pokemon,Yuki Yuna is a hero, Your Lie In April,Angel Beats, Sword Art Online,Titanic,Titanic II
    Fav game:Undertale,Roblox,Tattletail,BATIM(Bendy And The Ink Machine) and Pokémon!!plus other anime stuff!
    Friends: Dippett,anime(;-;),and you guys!
    Subscribe to me on YouTube!
    AnimeGirl0978 Text Storys and More!
    Icicle-the main OC which is me,also crushing on Violet(is girl)
    Violet-Crushing on Icicle(is girl)
    Emerald:Crushing on Flame(is girl)
    Star-crushing on Tornado(is girl)
    Tornado-crushing on Star(is girl)
    Flame-Crushing on Emerald(is girl)
    And many more!
    And yes, me and my OCs are lesbians...I’m not irl
    YouTubers you should sub to!:
    Poke,Tofuu,DanTDM(he lost his pug so he can’t upload a lot...#RIPPeggy),DAGames,NateWantsToBattle,NateWantsToBattleGames and Anime America!
    Welp folks, cya!
    *grabs top hat and coat and walks out the door and audience laughs*
    TRA-LA-LAAAAA(by:Captain Underpants)
    Well shit, oh hey George and Harold! On the way can we- WTF!!!*everyone falls into the water* well shit...cya folks

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