• Hi! I'm Chara! My sister is Frisk and my mom and dad is Toriel and Asgore.My crush is Asriel(who is confirmed male by Toby Fox).Im more of a Genocide girl then True Pacifice.....(Try to ignore Papyrus.....) when you see my with dark red eyes and blood all over me and my "toy knife" RUN...
    Friends:Sans,Betty,Frisk,Gaster almost all Undertale characters...,Wolfy,Blue(my oc),Alue,Blue(Wolfy's oc)
    Q and A
    Q:What's your favorite color?
    A:Red,Green and yellow
    Q:Do you love Asriel
    A: .////.
    Q:Who is better? Wolfy or Blue(my oc)
    That's all!
    Some better info
    Real name:Daryn
    Fav color for real:RED AND BLUE!!
    Fav animal:all :3
    Fav Animes:Paulle Magi Madoka Magica,Vocaloid,Pokemon
    Fav game:Undertale,Roblox,Tattletail,BATIM(Bendy And The Ink Machine)
    That all :3

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