DemonicAnimanToonsey! Second boyfriend of Rainbow Kitties! Yee moo kok! Zhau! Likes Geometry Dash! Dat wun gai laikz shitz oar kindr joy (That one guy likes shits or Kinder Joy!)


  • Haiza guysey and girlsey! I am AnimanToonsey! Genre: boy looks like a girl! XD Age: ilevan or 11! Best friend: the most biggest top fan: Tomatocat! Likes: craziness, Tomatocat, Geometry Dash, Minecraft, awesomness, when RK kills me, screaming <<Mooo!!!!>> and other! Dislikes: spiders, burger bread, Jeff (He can't kill everyone and he fan of evil guys and girls: Justin Bieber, Madonna (she's a cyborg), Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and more), when Sans loves Rainbow Kitties, deadly pranks and mour... Ok... idk what more... I am bored... I am board...

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