↙️♣️⏮Caramel⏭♣️↘️ (( <3 online))


  • Caramel cake here

    Friends: Pandy, Zip, Shadow, Diamond, My self, My Ocs, And more..
    Bffs: Pandy,Zip,Diamond,Magic,Cherry
    Bfffs: Same ppl

    Crush: They Care - That's it, that's all I'm saying I say anything else then BOOM the other one will kill me over them

    Fav person here: Zip
    Likes: Zip (the most)

    I am making another account but it is only for if I can't get into this account again.
    Thank you for your time.
    I'm drinking lemonade now get out.

    Framecast Name: CaramelCakeLol
    Wii U (Register as a friend) ID: STICK_BMS

    Dog side members
    • Zip- Leader
    • Pandy
    • Me
    • May
    • Sadao
    • Grey
    • Jolteon

    Homo-Guys Club Members
    •Mang Mang
    •Me (Leader)
    •And More

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