• On Vacation Woo

    Sin Can Be Included-

    “To win a lesbi’s heart you must show her you care, show her you love her, show her you’ll never leave her, stay with her, die with her, and when the time comes for you to tell her how you feel, she needs to see you aren’t lying to her, she needs to see if she can trust you.” -Caramel 2018

    {N A ME}: Vero

    {A GE}: No Thank you!

    {G E N DER}: Female ((you podejo-))

    {SE X U ALITY}: Pansexual

    {H O B BY}: Drawing

    {P E R SO N AL I TY}: Shy, Sinful, Creative, Loud

    {CR US H}: None

    {L I KES}: Art and Animations + Cartoons

    {D IS LI KES}: Homophobes, people who don’t accept someone’s sexuality, mean people, hard gore—, NSFW ((a little))


    {QO U TE S}:


    “You attac with your hand, I attac with my man-“

    “Hoppity Boppity, No Thots On My Property”

    “I’m a lean, green, gay matchmaking machine”

    “Trumpet Boy? More like Fucking Boy-“

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