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  • wish i was popular. got a better style, too.
    my brother is evil. beware. OMG IS THAT--oh wait I'm safe that's not char... HALP MEH! (Lol) so I use a phone and have school, and piano. dang it ANDY STOP STEALING MONEY! STINGY THEYRE MY O.C'S! SANS PUT THE FRIDGE IN THE GROCERIES! TRUMP MR. BURNS SAYS YOURE FIRED! DANG MY FRIENDS MADE ME UNPOPULAR! My life is hard! FRISK! PAPYRUS! FLOWEY! I A M N O T C R I N G E Y!!! My age is older than Andy who is 5.

    Everyone on this app has some problem of some kind. I have at least 12. Bam, it's around 13. Bye.

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