//Jenna// //The ugly Girl// =_= I'm a Creep


  • Holo from the other Siiiiiiddeeeee,
    It me Jenna wuts up?
    Change meh username To have a new life heh
    Meh informations

    Name:Jenna did I told u that??
    Age: 16
    Likes: my sister/cousin, YouTube, minecraft,
    Dislikes: Ppl bullying my sister/cousin, Haterz,
    What I will do if u bully my sister/cousin
    *i will tell that u are a bully
    *I will tell my friends to hate on you
    *I will report all ur animus and message The creator to ban u

    Done from the information
    That's all u need u know
    Roblox: cupkakequeen_4
    Animal Jam Play wild: Kawaiipotato
    That's it for now Bye bye (I fucking hate my life)

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