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  • ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗
    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║
    ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━my name is blu, I am depressed. I am a girl
    My friends are, Luna, Cherry, honey, foxxo, galaxia, blink, melody, ocean, mr fluff, fluff ball remix, undertale Spring, and jade the utahraptor
    *sigh* sorry guys.. I can't be online every day due to issues and school..
    Go to framecast and follow me, and follow these special people:
    @BlueyDraws ( my friend who left, we talked it out.)
    I'm dying
    Closed species: kasja
    Tide podes are the best
    Person: nobody cares, it's just questions being answered, it's not a big deal
    Me: well, Why are you even here?
    Person: * ____ has left the server *
    Me: I'm so lonely ;)
    Q: when did you start drawing?
    A: 2013.
    Q: why are you depressed?
    A: bc of my parents and my Freind leaving.
    Q: why do you make Ocs?
    A: because I like to draw and make characters???? ):1
    Q: I hate you
    A: me too
    Q: do you hate school?
    A: yes
    Q: how old are y-
    A: N o.
    Q: are you gay?
    A: hell no wtf is in your brain
    Q: baldi's basic with education and learning
    A: that's not even a question
    Q: do you want to die?
    A: no and yes in the same time
    Q: what is your favorite animal
    A: dogs, birds, wolves and foxes
    Q: ...
    A: ..
    Please don't think that I left, of course I didn't, I'm gone for somedays bc of issues.
    :) thx for so many followers I appreciate it!
    I came here to draw and make friends and have fun
    I'm so lucky to be depressed
    My main OC is blu
    Why is life so difficult?
    And also guys if you want to join me in whiteboard fox please copy this and paste it in safari or google :D
    https://whiteboardfox.com/132590-5740-3011 free anytime

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