Sushimi the seaperson


  • sushimi here! and l can admit that l have bin there 1 year! I love being with you guys a lot and, if its yur first time seeing me and talking to me you can learn more about me!
    Age: not going to say first things first!
    Gender: me in real life a girl me in anime maker a boy so,...BOTH!
    crush: newt hes so cuteee!! Sorry BUT ITS TRUE!!
    my main oc: sushimi the sea person!
    Talking about my self: • my lover: me and newt are good friends now...but maybe we can become even lovers yo!! Its like Pokemon evolution! Man l just love sweet..~ v\\\v... My other main oc: teen jeff: teen jeff: hey guys today im going to be talking about me!! First my lover: ooh my sweet sugar bunny pya ~~ shes the most cutest girl in the world and you take her away from ma!! ......oops...a much..? ....anyways now my self: l am a cook that is kind and shy l turn into a cute bear when lm nervous about something my dad is john jeff perez my "mom" is sofls gold lopez .. My other other main oc: simon!! Simon: uh.."hey" lm going to be talking about my self lover: seafoam blue simon: him..ALOT he is my sunshine to my summer ~ much? Well l just love him!!! My self: l am a scientist that tries to help his soul a lot l have this minion called squirt and the last main oc GREEN!! green: hey yo!!I'm green as you may see lets talk..about me xD lover: green: uh...hehe..l...l love red..she's just so...amazing in times..l just can't!!! About him: green: l am strong elf that is a bitch at times but sassy~ you know all about me and my main oc's!! (。・ω・。)(。・ω・。)

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