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    Name- Friends call me Cy
    Current Followers:41
    Gender: Female
    Single: Yeah, now get outta my business
    Loves:Friends, Skateboarding,& nature Personality:,Bashful, Goofy, fascinated and always curious
    Ocs: Elliot, Yui,Bun, Anya, Rebecca,Lily, James, Delilah, Ash, Amelia, and Emily

    Elliot x none
    Rebecca x Crush
    Omi x None
    Jeremy x none yet...
    Anya x Single
    Bun x single
    James x none
    Delilah x Crushing
    Lily x Crushing
    Ash x none
    Amelia x Crush
    Emily- She's a kid
    You can make crushes for any of these

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