• Hi. I am Comet!!!
    I draw daily animes for you guys! My gender is male. I have no senpai. (。í _ ì。)
    I don't have a life. I am a jackrabbit. (^_-)-☆ Please no hate guys! I like FN@F, Undertale, and animals! My theme song is Sorry by Justin Bieber(I hate Justin Bieber). I am very adventurous.

    Favorite FN@F Ships:

    Chica x Bonnie
    Foxy x Mangle
    SpringTrap x Marionette
    FT Foxy(Sister Location) x FT Freddy

    Favorite UT Ships:

    Sans x Ketchup
    Chara x Asriel
    Toriel x Asgore
    Papyrus x MTT Ex
    W.D. Gaster x Alyphs
    Frisk x Monster Kid

    The End of Shipping

    I am from Australia. I have been to the U.S. before though. Also, check out Grey the Vampire Goat and Dart_Dreemur! They're cool!

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