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    -Hey I'm Browndog7828! I joined this account because I love to make memes! I hope you all reading this have a horrible day! :D

    -hello! This is CaramelCake and I love to make memes! So I joined this account which was made by sleepygrim! I really enjoy this account! I like waffles >:3 ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

    -waddup my boi I'm SleepyGrim the owner of the account,I joined because memes are cool! you can join without permission,I hope ya all have fun! See you later :D

    - Hi! I'm Mangle! Obviously like the others, I joined this account to make dank memes. I love memes. So uh yeah also please go follow my other account. And this one. But uh btw I don't post the normal stuff I do on my other acc so don't make fun of me. Also fun fact Donald trump is secretly orange.

    -Hey guys! I'm Moonlight and I love animation memes! I do like the face memes, but in my opinion animation ones are better. :P Ya there's different kinds of people named moonlight but I'm the one who is the most beautiful and purple. So ya I joined this account because I like memes so goodbye have a good day!

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