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  • Aye ;3 and welcome to my hell of cringe, prepare bleach for you eyes, trust me. You will need it. Sooooooo any ways..-.-;
    Im oku (as most of you know me :3) but you can also call me Esa-chan :3
    Anyways im a depressed, cringy GIRL
    -ahem- sorry -.-;
    Moving on...
    I'm very awkward just so you know.... especially when flirting XD wanna see?
    aye baby, your lookin pretty damn hot in those pants, why don't you take them off for me~~~~? <3 (XDDDD I'm so sorry rn you will probably need the bleach XD)
    Also another one is:
    Heh, your looking hot in that blanket, got room for two~?
    Here's another one XD
    Heh, I'm going to treat you like i treat my homework, i will slam you on the table and do you all night long~

    Well ...... i just embarrassed the crap out of myself XD
    (Hello darkness my old friend XDDDD)
    And i also like to do stupid dares •̀.̫•́✧because I'm really dumb and stupid XD so if ya got ANY dares just comment one on one of my animes :3 and i will be happy to do it (even if its embarrassing...-///-; but aye..... I've done crazy shit for dares XDDDD)
    Also i like to do stupid things like this irl a lot cuz dares and challenges and dumb as shit ppl who say "pfffft you cant do this!! ------(name the thing)----" pffffft i will show their dumbass i most certainly can!!!! I will show them and show them so damn well it will be the first thing they remember when they hear the words "proved you the fuck wrong, bitch!!! OHHHhHHHhHHHhHHh" (XD)
    See, like this,
    -chugs a bottle of hot sauce- ...............KOFF KOFF KOFF -falls onto the ground on her side and starts coughing a lot and kinda curls up in a ball- KOFF KOFF w-waterrrrr plssss-KOFF KOFF- im dying here-KOFF- -her insides feel like they are on fire XDDDD- AAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAaAAaAA WHY DID I DO THIS AGAIN?!?!

    -technical difficulties pls stand by thank you-

    Back! -is nervous but yet very confident- alright we got that over with now -w-;;;

    Fun fact about the irl me: i drool in my sleep. XD i will wake up and i will think im in a lake or something XD (not really but you get the just XD) ;w; i will always wake up to mystic waterfalls coming from my mouth XDDDD..... ;-;"""""""

    Alright i hope i made everyone uncomfortable XD cuz im amazing at doing that XD

    !YANDERE WARNING¡ touch, hurt, bully, or threaten dark-senpai and i will find you and grab your face and take my knife and tell you to say sorry... and if you don't, then i start to grab your tongue and cut it off. And halfway through i will tell you to say sorry again while you still can and if you don't i will cut off the rest of your tongue and burn it in front of you , making you watch, and after i make you eat the ashes of your burnt, cut off tongue and then i will remove each of your finger and toe nails and cut off your fingers and toes one. By. One. And i will then cut the words "pain" into your back and i will skin you alive after and make a jacket of your skin and then i will repeatedly stab you until you die (if your still alive ~<3 >v0) and then cut off all your limbs and hide you where NOBODY can EVER find you.

    -ahem- sorry...heh, i got a little too carried away XD

    A reminder: this profile is PROBABLY MOST LIKELY NOT for kids XD but aye, who am i to judge? xD
    Anyways.... goood byeeee~ ;3

    And i guess i will do this for my friend who requested this...(ps i miss you ;P and pls don't murder the waffles again from last time XP lol) :
    currently: online

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