• Welcome to my CRINGY profile XD here you can cringe all the time. I advise everyone here on my profile to get bleach for their eyes XD. But ANYWAYS -3- im Oku :3 you can call me oku or esa-chan :D want to know some things about me? Pffft tf naw but here anyway XD
    What i like:
    -i like drawing -draws a picture of tom x tord (trigger warning for some of you XD) kissing on a table shirtless XD- see?! XD
    -i like anime -locks self in a room with yuri on ice, fairy tail, corpse party, your lie in April, soul eater, nisekoi, Tokyo goul, attack on titan, mr osomatsu, boku no pico, death note, marai nikki, black butler, lucky star, free, love chunnibo and other delusions, my little monster, erased, full metal alchemist brotherhood, full metal alchemist, non non biyori, sword art online, sword art online 2, gunslinger girl, gunslinger girl 2, diabolic lovers, kill la kill, sinbad, dragon ball ., Pokémon, is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon, inyuasha, and so much more XD-

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