$leepy kinQ


  • My fav memes : trauma ,her , paper planes ,im weak, we dont talk anymore , banana shake ,forget , papito ,he brocke my heard , mine , bi-polar ,magic , do you ,wanna play, time lapse ,posin , karma , fun fun fun, somethings not right , wedgie in my booty , paradise

    I luv edgy memes ! :3
    Q:what do u like ?
    A: sleepy kinq (mystery),rick and morty , eddsworld , BATIM , mystery skulls , FNaF , mine craft ,under tale , animal jam PN ,flipa clip , rip vine , gabe ='/ ,windows , gorillaz

    Bff's :
    Diamond zigo ;D
    Melody the cat+angel '///////'
    Felina the kitten ;D
    Misuki :D
    Tarpit eyez ;D
    Liza a liza ;D
    Spark :)
    Pastel rainbow bunny ;D
    David X3
    Swerp :\
    Caitlin :D
    Lexi X3
    N00dle :D
    Sky and skai :)
    Felina the kitten :D
    Goten ;)
    Legendaryanimatios :D

    ·Here come dat boi sh*t what up

    ·Sosa mariossa !
    ·Lemme smash
    ·Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa yee
    ·No goot please no , no , no , nooooo
    ·Boom bitch get up to way
    ·What a snap is fucking gay
    ·Look at me !!
    ·Prin is that weed ? No its a picture ... i call the police
    ·Prin is that the police , i call the weed

    You are a cool berrie !

    Guys ii'v u see , im verry edgy

    Fav undertale characters :
    Flowey , omega flowey , sans , frisk , chara , undyne , alphys , toriel , asrial , asrial dreammurr , papyrus ,mettaton , alphys

    Death oc : kori


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