• Tabitha: Hi I'm Tabitha and I'm here to ma- / Goldie: Supppp I’m GolDIE 0,^,0 / Tabitha: as I was saying I’m going to make a Q&A with meh and Goldie!
    Q: who draws the art, Tabitha or Goldie? / A: Goldie: meh I always did it, well sometimes Tabitha will..
    Q: gender? / A: Both: female
    Q: do you hate when AnimeMaker makes stupid updates? / A: Both: yesh...
    Q: Crush? / A: Goldie: BaNaNa! / Tabitha: no one...
    Q: got any kids / A: Goldie: no but I got money XD / Tabitha: no but I want one though no one loves

    Goldie is mi- happy

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