• Hi, I’m Taylor, and here is all you need to know about me ~
    I’m very awkward, so if you ever wanna meet me, your gonna need to start that conversation.
    My age is 11-15
    I live inside of a Kentucky fried chicken box
    I am a bisexual (starting to think lesbian couGH
    I’m taken by the most beautiful girl in the world Rosecrystals ♡~ (go follow her and say hi!
    I make art, mostly just random stuff that I like
    I’d probably call myself pg13? Kinda? I dunno
    And I really like the ~ sign.
    Anxiety levels: k I l l m e
    Inspiration levels: non existent
    Edgy levels: oVER 9,000 (I like old shit okay?
    Deppersion levels: to much

    QandA v
    Age: i aM SMOL
    height: very smol, 4’7
    Sex: a flying tuna sandwich. (Female)
    Pets: a small gray kitten named Smitty and a little guanine pig named Ginger!
    Relationship: taken ~~ ♡
    Favorite emoji: the turtle
    What do you think of yourself: ugly, disgusting, horrible person, should die :’/
    Disorders: self hate syndrome, a tiny bit of depression, anxiety, and I’m just freaky.
    Fav food: shrimp
    Least fav food: anything healthy
    Likes: animals, my friends, family, drawing, 10 dollar bills.
    How do you feel about musicals: tHE 10 DOLLAR FOUNDiNG FATHeR (very good)
    Are you nice: nice enough, just don’t piss me off or I’ll turn into a triggered feminist
    Fandoms: Hamilton, animal crossing, marble hornets, doki doki, Stranger Things .. and Hamilton
    Favorite app: YouTube!
    Social media’s: YouTube, goggle plus, KIK, other stuff.
    Will you roleplay: probably not? Idk.
    Will you follow me: ok, just ask me and I gladly will. You can hate me and I still will
    Please draw me: no :D
    Are you edgy: I pray every night to the edge lord.
    Are you a furry?: no and my girlfriend is not (yes she is
    I really like glue.
    Ok bye.
    ~Follow me I follow you~♡

    You will be missed May
    We love you
    Here or not

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