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    Well, Well, Well, Hello There! I’m Donuts, And I’m Well One Of Those Non-Cussing Accounts.. I Guess? If You’re New Then Hi, I’m Also One Of The Friendly People In AnimeMaker But I’m Also Young And Also Very Dirty-Minded *cough cough* LETS CHANGE THIS SUBJECT!!

    I’m A Eleven Year Old. Female. Kind, Friendly, Annoying, Dumb ( True In Real Life ), Good in Science ( Not To Brag .3. ), Shy To Making New Friends Or Meeting New People, Childish, Trash In Making Videos. Yeah, I Also Draw.. Daily.. Sometimes Not On AnimeMaker But In Flipaclip, Sketch And Others. The Online Apps I Use Are Minecraft, Roblox, Instagram, Twitter, Pixel Gun 3D, AnimeMaker, Gachaverse, Gacha Studio, Pocket Chibi, Rules Of Survival, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, I Use Steam, DeviantArt And Lots Of Others!

    I’ll Do More In My Bio Later, Peace Out! Bai!

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