• Hello! There isn't much to say about me. I'm pretty boring... Although my OC's aren't! At least I think they aren't. I'll tell you the basics :

    I'm a female that doesn't like to be helped. I'm lazy and at times when it comes to something everyone can do, I'll ask them to do it for me. I'm turning less creative by the day -,n,-. I suck at drawing, but I enjoy it. I hate the outcome of my drawing though. Sometimes I get really proud of myself for drawing good things.

    If you have any questions about me, just comment!

    I'll only tell the important ones I use all the time. Also the ones that has a name... I have a lot that don't have names. I get to lazy to make one up.

    OC's :

    Dj - She is emotionless due to history in the past. That led her to aim for great power. She traded in her emotions to become a half demon. If she ever were to use her emotions, she'll suffer. She is very quiet and mysterious. She's usually alone and will take her jobs seriously. If she were to be in school, she'd be incredibly smart. She has some kind of thing covering her eyes

    Julian - This LADY is often mistaken for a male. She's mischief and causes trouble. She smiles mischievously all the. She could decline others attacks, but the longer it holds for, the more it pains her. She's a thief that wonders in the towns. She doesn't care for anything that happens and just looks for interesting stuff to do. She enjoys interacting with others and collect that information. She enjoys climbing trees. (Is related in some sort of way with Dj)

    The Raven - She doesn't have a name in particular unless someone names her. Her parents taught her to be graceful and flawless. That led to sass in her personality. With this persona, it's hard for people to like her. Although she is quite pretty, they abuse and try to kill her for being a bird. She can't give out her feeling like most others do and hides them like Dj. She can fly pretty fast and faster when angered. Her ability is to turn to human and Raven whenever she pleases.

    I have more OC's (A lot more guys than anything) but I'll update it soon.




    I'm way better at drawing than you see here now... but I get too lazy to actually finish or put any detail in it.

    I see QnA's on people's profile and I've always though... "HEY I WANNA DO THAT!"
    How am I supposed to do it if I don't have questions 丿-,冂,-)丿

    Please write any questions you want to know about lil' ol me 一人。

    (Btw I'm a weeb =w=)

    I'm gradually improving on my art so don't call it bad when you see my first ;u;
    I think my art is getting better at least... Although I probably shouldn't complement my own art, I feel like a narcissist when I do...

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