• Greetings there!
    I'm Cosmic! :D
    Hmm my species is a Unicorn/wolf of course.
    I'm taken by my lovely lover~! Foggi~~
    I am 14 years old in this game!
    Wanna know my real age? You can't! ;p
    I'm a HUGE fan of Julian2aj and DanTDM :>
    I kinda luv Roblox mostly I play:
    • Wolves life 2 or 3
    • Cats life 2
    • Fashion frenzy
    Umm probaly thatz all?
    Oh and Animaljam!
    User name: Jammercola
    you can buddy me there!
    Favourite shows:
    - Unikitty! (CartoonNetwork!)
    - The amazing world of Gumball (CartoonNetwork)
    - HenryDanger (Nickolodeon)
    - Gameshakers (Nickolodeon)
    - The Thundermans (Nickolodeon)
    - The school of rock (Nickolodeon)
    - The HauntedHatheways (Nickolodeon)
    -Counterfiet Cat (Disney XD)
    (Thats all i guess?.)
    Bestie of the best!:
    Foggi (the beautiful and adorbs 0/w/0)
    Sugar (i missed ya..)
    Zigo (Le Best best brother!)
    Rainbow (Le awsome awsome bestie!)
    Moonlight (yeet :3)
    Spark (yeeety :3)
    Cryro (le best boi :>)
    Blu (mep :p)
    Kiana (boop :>)
    Ice claw (Yesh :D)
    Grim (weewoo! :3)
    Crion (woowoo!)
    Sketchy (beeppy :3)
    (I forgot some of my besties tho :'^ but if you are my bestie and i don't add you in pls tell meh)
    I can't dRaW very well
    i don't know why.
    I lOve saLted EgG
    If YoU hAte SalTed egG i WilL HaUnt YoU
    I'm very random :p
    and this bio is short so..

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