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  • Kitty of the week: Sky and Cloud/ Blossem
    Hi everyone I'm Katrina but you can call me Kat

    About Me

    Irl Name: Jasmine
    Irl Age: Uhhhhh
    Age in animemaker: Probably around 27
    Sexulity: Straight
    Favourite youtubers: JaidenAnimations, TheOdd1sOut, LDShadowlady, Yammy xox and Ihascupquake
    Lvl: 10,0000,000
    Gem: Goddess Rose Quartz
    Spirit animal: Purple Panther
    Specices: White and purple magical Cat
    Friends: 3 in the real world and 4 close online
    OCs: Kitty, Oscar, Nema, Harley, Cloud, Raindrop, Joesph, Lizzy (adopted) Abi
    Pet OCs: 'Lil Monster
    Rainbow wolf
    Night shadow
    Versions of me:
    Original Animal
    Evil Animal
    Evil Human
    Original Human
    Husband: K.K.Killer
    Likes: Everything cute, my family and friends
    Dislikes: mushrooms, arguments and Haters
    Kids: Cocoa, SugurPlum and Flame Heart
    Age: 20
    likes: Fashion, her auntie Rainbow and rock bands
    Dislikes: Haters, people who are mean to her family and her dad picking her
    Specices: Humat (Human and Cat
    Husbund: Joesph
    Age: 9
    likes: ???
    Dislikes: ???
    Specices: Humolf (Human and Wolf)
    Q&A time!
    Q: Wuts your favourite food?
    A: ALL
    Q: Wuts your favouite songs?
    A: hall of fame, side to side, into you, one last time
    Q: Wuts your favourite book?
    A: Diary of a minecraft Zombie
    Q: Can i have a hug?
    A: Sure! *hugs you*
    Q: can we be friends?
    A: Yup
    Q: Who do you love?
    A: Uhhh..K.K. Killer...why are you asking?
    Q: i just wanted to know if your single. So are you?
    A: No!
    Q: well i dont have anymore questions, so bye!
    A: Cya later!
    I want to get 100 followers!
    Plz follow me my Kitties ∩ ω ∩

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