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  • Hi I'm Nazih but you can call me skippy
    ONLINE <------
    #&/; £×*:;=#¥#(/!×¥₩÷*!÷¥/÷ #! ¥×
    Sexuality: Straight
    AND YES I am Taken so don't go Hey Skippy Can we- no i don't want none of that please
    Angel kat :~
    K.K.killer ÷)
    Rainbow cat :@
    Mini Chan ;)
    SISSY o SISSY :)
    Smile fall Daniel ,:/
    Simple toon :)
    And More
    Pets: I don't have

    Q: why do you like oranges so much
    A: it was the very first time when I ate one it was Goooooood
    Q: Your Crush
    A: Mini Chan •w•
    Q: any Children
    A: not yet because I might get married when I'm like 24
    Q: Favorite freinds
    A: all
    Q: one orange please
    A: coming right up *gives him a orange*
    Q: *licks lips*
    A: ummmm later ok?
    Q: let me get a uhh boneless pizza
    A: want memes uh Well pow you got memed XD
    ÷¥$!!/(×(/! $! £"!/!÷(÷((=*×¥"(÷! ¥#($!×(¥$?×!#¥/(÷!×! $*£/(÷:*×¥$!^!÷¥₩×₩$¥/!/??/£#^"£#€$£€×$^/€#^*_; $"^'€×^/€=&/€&"£÷*:"$&;"#£@_;"_/^"*=&"£&/£=&/
    OCS: Flare,TacoKing
    LEVEL: Infinity
    :D hope you enjoy

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