• Hey Guys I'm SuperTaco But you could call Me Taco :)
    Age: 11
    Likes: Orange, Peinguins, Shorts, Jazz, DeskLamps
    Dislikes: Chocolate, Racism, White Lights, Puzzles
    Followers: 72
    In Relationship: Nope
    Taco King: 2016
    Disket: 2017
    Flare: 2017
    Pencors: 2018
    Qusestions and Answers:
    Q: Whats ur Fav food
    A: Kantalop
    Q: Can we Be Freinds
    A: Its Up to You
    Q: Whos ur Crush
    A: Dont Know Yet
    Q: Whats your Animal Form
    A: Fox
    Q: Are You Straight
    A: Yes

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