●♡Golden light♡●


  • Hey back here with Zoey and Plain and also myself
    Q_do u have a crush
    A_... Dude I don't have one!!!!
    Q_how old r u
    A_I'm ageless dude
    Q_what's ur favorite food
    A_ #ChicaPizza
    Q_what is ur favorite yter
    A_Cory,Liza, and a lot more
    Q_what's ur data birth
    A_I said I'm ageless dude!!!!!
    Q_what's ur roblox account
    Q_what's your favorite horror game
    A_fnaf,bendy,creepy pasta
    Personal Q&A!
    Q_ how old are you
    A_shit years old
    Q_ where do you live
    A_ in Ohio. XDDDDD
    Q_when did you start animating
    A_ long time ago
    Q_ what school
    A_ idk :^)
    Q_ what's your real
    A_Golden light
    Q_ when's your birthday
    A_ June 26
    Q_ what's the most thing you do that you like
    A_ to be here (because its more relaxing)
    Well I'm done and if you have any more questions tell me!
    Its fun to be here with you guys and relaxing
    Plz follow me if you want
    And have a nice day or night
    I have crippling depression :,3

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