Aura the demon dragon wolf <3 I liek cucumberz c: If offline might be doing homework, sleeping or at school ;^;


  • 안녕하세요 저는 친절한 분입니다 : 3
    Oc name: Aura shadow (Aura shade for short)
    Age: I ain't telling you :3
    My hobbies: playing Pokemon on my DS, colouring in my fashion book and many more
    Fav food: ice cream, cake, lollipops, crisps (yes I'm in England) and ice :P
    Friend irl username: BrunoMarsBrunoMars
    Roblox username: HoneySwirlCakes
    Roblox friends irl: DerpyDitto212, Blossomsparkle222, Creamycookiepug, Thelittlenightstriker, Nikeet123, savantdm!
    Fav gem: Platinum, Aquatic gems
    Oc's bf: non... FOREVER ALONE ;-;
    Okay now Q&A
    Q: do you have a senpai?
    A: No...O///O
    Q: What is your favourite colour?
    A: aquatic colours!
    Q: Do you like anime/manga?
    A: yes
    Q: age please?????
    A: NO
    Q: do you have flipaclip?
    A: yes! I betrayed you anime maker >:3333
    Q: do you play Minecraft?
    A: yes
    Q: are you a bot?
    A: nope
    Q: do you go to school?
    A: yes... still :3
    Q: do you know how to swim?
    A: yes
    Q: are you in toast nation and kawaii smol potato nation?
    A: yeppppp
    Q: Are you derp? (If you aren't you aren't in the derp crew)
    A: yes I am derp
    Q: is this all the questions you can answer?
    A: yes

    Q: what animal is your oc?
    A: Wolf
    Q: what type?
    A: Dragon wolf and demon
    Oc info
    Name: Aura shadow
    Likes: cucumberz, friends c:, BLOOD C:, darkness, smiles :3
    Dislikes: The sun, school, :/, happiness, light, douche bags, brother shadow
    Friends: other wolfs demons dragons and foxes
    Stats: I'm dead c: I liek cucumberz and pancakez , speed: ITS OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDDDDDDDD
    Powers: Teleportation, Vines c:, Dark mist, Creepy shadows, blood drops, demon force, weather change, levitation, force field c:
    Brother's powers: Teleportation, creepy shadows, blood drops, demon force, weather change, force field
    Kpop: bts blackpink
    Songs: Blood sweat and tears, Boombayah!

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