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    Name: rainbow cat
    Irl name: dj
    Age: 17
    Irl age: *cough* 14
    Husband: zigy
    Bf: none
    Crush: david
    Gem lvl: Infinity
    Gem type: baby blue and any color my lovers is
    Youtube channel: rainbow cat
    Q & A
    Q: do you like someone
    A: yup
    Q: can i have a lolipop pwease?
    A: heh sure
    Q: be my friend?
    A: okie!
    Q: any kids or siblings
    A: 7 kids,and alot of siblings
    Q: yt channel?
    A: ( =①ω①=)/ rainbow cat!
    Q: who your lover
    A: ZIGY!!!!!! <3
    Q: i gtg!^^
    A: cya!
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