Mad_Dog and Fox (Online OwO)


  • I share this account with my sis Fox a.k.a Regan,we like to draw human,animals,and of course,FNAF!Fox does alot of the work,but I still do some also :)

    Some Fox info.
    Hi!I am Fox,I am funny,nerdy,and awsome,my social medias are...YT,Mh channel is Fox Tails135 and my ROBLOX is (I have two accounts)(ipad account)FoxTails135 (laptop account)XxitzReganwolfiexX,so add me )bye guys

    Some Mad-Dog info.
    Hi!! I am goofy,nerdy,and I am a gamer, my social medias are...ROBLOX,my account is xXfoxy_plays
    Come check me out ( I dont have robux and I am a big coder ) Byeeeeeee


    Kendall (single)
    Anglea (likes Ace)
    Ace (single)
    Alex (single)
    Addi (thinking....)

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