Żıġø тне føгеsт ċåт


  • ~•~•~•~•_•~•~•~•~~
    About my main oc:
    •Name: Zigo
    •Age: 33
    •Wifu: Rainby ♥♥ (//-//ω//0//)
    •Nickname: Zig, Zigy/Ziggy (only wifu), Zurg (how my classmates call him)
    •Crush: No
    •8 kids
    •Alot of siblings
    About Irl me:
    Name: Kristina
    Age: 13 QwQ
    Personality: Can be depressed easily, shy, rude sometimes, beating my boy classmates up (yea), loser, lazy as shit
    Nicknames: Rat (classmate boys call me that), loser (I call myself like that and I like this Nickname :^ ), kitty, Kris
    Senpai: Mitriy <3

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