⚜Kingston Cutanary⚜Currently:Watching Gravity Falls/Night Owl


  • Friends: I forgot ▪~▪
    Best friends: Magic , Toka , Knight , Ryhtemic
    I need lenny control...
    Idk what to put here..
    Senpai: Lonely again because I kinda dont want too dramtic people.
    Crush: Shoooo fly.
    My Oc's:
    Kingston ( Main and single )
    Deha (Maybe Single)
    Hanzel (Single)
    Hayla ( Maybe Single)
    Midna (Maybe Single )
    Project-158T (Single)
    Ace (Maybe single)
    Cipha ( Single I think )
    Yuja (Maybe Single)
    Shira (Single)
    Hana (Single)
    Jared (Single)
    Kara (Too young)
    Noka (Maybe Single)
    Eyes (Single)
    Devan (Too young)
    Lycos ( Maybe Single)
    Easara ( Maybe Single)

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