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  • Hello KITTYS!:3 I hope everyone today is having a great day I can't wait to get friends!Irl I only have two friends but yea!Lets go right ahead into Q/A!
    Question:What inspired you to make Furries?
    Answer:No one I was good at drawing them
    Question:Do you think Furries are Gross?
    Answer:FUDGE NO
    Question:What's you YouTube channel?
    Answer:ChiclateChip The cookie if I ever have a chance I would change my name to Luna Kitty
    Question:What,do you upload on?
    Answer:Well I upload on my tablet and the apps I use is FrameCast,FlipaPad,Flipaclip I use flipaclip on my Samsung!
    Question:how old are you?
    Answer:almost 10 so I'm 9 tomorrow it's my birthday!
    Question:Where do you live?
    Answer:FUDGE NO
    Question:What do you think your best at?
    Answer:Hmmm well I think artist and running
    Question:what do you do all day?
    Answer:run to my grandmas to play computer or play tablet XD
    Question:WhT kind of animal do you have irl?
    Answer:well I have a black cat he's a male and he's name is Nightmare And a dog she's a female and she like a Rosey color so we named her Rosey!
    Okay that's it!That all for now
    Oh yea a thing help me...

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