♤《The nightmare witch Elisa 》♤


  • Dear person who is reading this..

    I am just a girl who comes from a small place...
    But I have big plan for the future
    My name?...
    I born in Venezia (Italy) the city of art.
    I really like art and horror stories
    I know it sounds a little bit weird.
    Like evryone I made a personal oc
    Her name is Annabella (Elisa)
    She is a witch and she likes exsperiments XD
    She swaps her gender in a boy for now
    Name Elios his brother Levi.
    I have so many ocs.
    I have so many friends...you can be my friend too~♡
    Elisa:Sing you a lulaby you will die in the end..
    Just kidding

    Elisa/Elios's family
    Brother:Star smile Daniel
    Sister:Aqua the foxy
    Brother/Sister byrazer:Levi/Liza
    With love...nightmare witch

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