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  • Hello everyone! my main focus is steven universe but I do other stuff some times. Tanzai Kawaii!!! (Stay Cute) also I accept no hate comments. Just feedback on how I can improve art. And I love compliments!
    friend in app: KV tu da arte
    Style: kawaii, anime, and the steven universe art style (if you watch the show you'll get what I mean)
    Goal: to show everyone that everyone can draw/animate (even if it's badly drawn I'll still like it)
    Do you have a youtube channel?: Yes it's the same thing as my name (kawaii universe) it's mostly about steven universe though. I make comics,plotagon animations, I do minecraft,roblox so if you want you can join me there in roblox...my account for it is "baconrulesall" and I look like nyan cat!
    Are you a dweeb?: Well...I'll call myself a dweeb but I'm not a fond of most anime.

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