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  • Hi I'm Kristine
    I'm 9 years old
    I have 9 dogs and 1 bird
    Luna: she cuddles a lot
    (German shepherd)
    Diablo: weird name for a dog who likes
    Tummy rubs (German shepherd)
    Chula: Idk if she's a cat in a dog body
    (Yorkshire terrier)
    Koko: crazy dog!
    (Yorkshire terrier)
    Rose: she sets bullied by her own
    Sister,sad life
    (German shepherd)
    Mia: beautiful
    (German shepherd)
    Mya: derpy dog
    (German shepherd)
    Lula: likes to play attack
    (German shepherd)
    Lucy: savage
    (German shepherd)
    Rio: eat
    (Green black headed white ringed eyed bird)
    Favorite followers: shard24,thedragon,:3
    (Sounds weird)
    I listen to fnaf music
    (I know I'm weird)
    I sometimes play fnaf
    The only thing I know how to draw
    Is very single foxy in fnaf
    Things I HATE:
    People bullying people for no reason,
    People saying to other people that they can't draw
    Things I love:
    Being kind,
    Getting people to stand up to bullies,
    Inspiring people
    Things I don't care about:
    People saying I can't draw

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