Matsu.R (online)


  • I’m always open for requests if you follow me and if I have time to do them~(can’t do requests right now sry)

    if you don’t like my art then wtf are you doing here?

    I’m Bi

    I’m trying to stay positive


    Music has helped my life a lot and people on the internet to

    Love yourself before loving anyone else.Sure it’s hard to except you’re ‘flaws’ but when you realize that you’re not perfect and it’s ok not to be.its only then will you find true happiness and love in life.

    Nicknames:Matsu,Su,Momo and Demon
    What I like - what i don’t like
    Rap———The dark
    Cute things—Strong smells
    Dark things—-Over used
    Swear words - memes
    (Fucking hate SPAM btw)

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