Box inhaler :how do you feel?: Woof •—•


  • Q who is your favorite YouTuber?
    A super easy wassabi productions

    Q favorite oc?
    A jeliiiiii!!!!!

    Q favorite game?
    A fnaf

    Q your favorite color
    A light blue

    Q real name?????????
    A evessica

    Q were else can I find you?
    A ROBLOX frame cast and draw cast

    Q crush?
    A Connor

    Q crush here?
    A someone o///o

    Q do you like under tale?
    A hOi iM tEMmiE!!

    Q friends?
    A Fallon Penelope and Amaya

    Q friends here?
    A nerdy and dragon for life!!

    Q do you use a phone for AnimeMaker or a tablet?
    A a tablet

    Q who is your favorite YouTube group?
    A team edge

    Q do you like pranks?!
    A ye

    Q fave movie?
    A Star Wars

    Q fave show?

    Q favorite song?
    A better than he can

    Q favorite fnaf parody?!?!?
    A break my mind

    Q who is you favorite team edge member?
    A Matt

    Q least favorite color
    A purple

    Q what is your ROBLOX name?!?!
    A witlefoxyzegeekygeek

    Q do you have a crush on one of your ocs?
    A mabey

    Q do you own a fidget?
    A yes twelve

    Q how old are you?
    A 14

    Q who was your first ever YouTuber u watched
    A venturian tale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Q are you gay?
    A no but I am happy

    Q favorite fnaf game?
    A the first one

    Q what games do you know?????
    A over watch fnaf ,batim, ut,and garrys mod!

    Q is evessica your real name?
    A no it's Connie

    Yeah that's all BAH

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