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  • Name : Nuttaphat Ounsorn
    Nickname : Bright
    Age : 8
    Likes foods : ice cream,chocolate,cupcake
    I have my pet. CASEY. She cute but not irl.
    That's all.
    Q. Are you boy or girl?
    A. Girl. :3
    Q. Do you like lasagna?
    A. Ya
    Q. I hate you!
    A. Wut?
    Q. How many oc do you have?
    A. Idk.
    Q. Do you have two accounts?
    A. Noooooooooooooooooo.
    Q. Are you musician?
    A. No. I like drawing.
    Q.That's all.
    A. This is not even a question!
    Name : Nuttapat Ounsorn
    Age : 13
    Likes food : idk
    He is teen.

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