the ROYAL queen of hugs aka zip. COME TOO THE DOG SIDE.... ((Leader of the dog side))


    ➕➖➕Beware Beware the sceptical. Of they're smiles they're smiles are plated gold. They seem so natural. But a wolf in sheep's clothing, is more than a WARNING.. bah Bah black sheep have you any soul? No sir. By the way, WHAT the hell are morals... //
    Got a secret,can keep?swear,this one you'll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, takin this one to the GRAVE....//PAIIIIN... Let the bullets fly, oh let them love,my life, my God they came from...//I'm wakin up, to ash and dust. I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust. I'm breathing in, the chemicals...// baby we built this house, on memories. Take my picture now, shake it till you see it...// I'm friends with MONSTER, the son of my bed. Get along with the voices, inside a my head. Your tryin to save me, stop holdin your breath. Yeah you think Im crazy, yeah think I'm crazy.....➕➖➕
    ✨Toka is my brother.✨
    ✨FluffyTheFurrBall is my twin brother.✨ ❔._." and father don't ask idfk either ❔
    ✨I'm a Father :'3✨
    -3- ✨ I has claimed monster✨❔so that would make monster my sibling as well cuz they're mom is fuffys lover ;v;❔
    ⊂_ヽ Lol
      \. \Ello
       \ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nyeh
        > ⌒ヽ Nyeh
       /   へ \Y me
    My name is Bob. Did you think about the temmie named Bob?
    My name isn't Bob it's baby. Did you think about saying "Hey baby" to me?
    My name isn't baby it's girl. Did you think about saying "hey baby girl" or "hey girl" to me?
    My name isn't girl it's zip. No really it's zip XD
    am I sexy?
    Press 1 for no
    Press 2 for hell no
    Press 3 for maybe
    Press 4 4 hell yes
    Press 5 to replace the "4" with a "for" in the sentence above
    Press 6 cuz I said so
    Press 7 for-- wait, you can't press anything cuz this is a message XD HA!!
    Press--.. I h8 this...
       /  / \\
       レ  )F*ck ヽ_つ
      / / Ahhhhhhh
      / /| Cuteness
     ( ( ヽ Emo
     | |、\ Sup
     | 丿 \ ⌒) !
     | |  ) / !
    `ノ )  Lノ!
    Zip's age: every age ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) crush: EVERYONE? A zip girl/boy
    Arma's age: 19 crush: none demon boy
    Irl age: 12 a human girl
    PockyDj's age: he won't tell. Crush: Eyeless Jessica boy
    Teal's age: In this time line he's 1023 years old. Crush:.... Wife: zasmin(jasmins OC) a shadow man boy
    Love's age: 21 crush: Ronyan (Jasmins OC)wife: Ronyan a vampire ghost thingy boy
    Heart's age:22 crush: ????? A vampire boy
    Trippy's age: 6 crush: none my dog IRL as a furry boy
    Tz's age: 15 crush: Mon--... Teen zip girl
    Piz's age: 13 crush: none gender swap zip boy
    Leum's age: I think like 20 crush: Star (Fluffy's age) I forgot what he is XD boy
    Lae's age: 1024 :^ Crush: none gender swap teal
    Scars's age: 17 crush: ??? A fusion of heart and re girl
    Any's age: about 132 years old Crush: Cupid Husband: Cupid love and heart's mom vampire girl
    Cupid's age: 132 as well crush: any Wife: any love and heart's dad ghost boy
    Roi's age: 10 (in human years) crush: heart XD she is love's pet dragon girl
    Red's age: 26 crush: heart demon boy
    Fell's age: 29 crush: reverse demon boy
    Emo's age: ???? Crush??? A fusion of teal and red boy
    Other zip's age: idk... Crush: none boy
    Suicide Zip's age: 15 crush: EVERYTHING girl
    Opp!love's age: same as love's crush: none a vampire boy
    Opp! heart's age: same as heart's crush: Opp maud (Jasmins OC) a ghost vampire thing boy
    Greege's age: 19/20 crush: Kevin (Little noodlez OC) boy
    Walter's age: 18 crush: Lulu (Raynes OC) boy
    Oden's age: 28 crush:??? Opposite teal boy

    ✨ I'm still zip it's just my name is different!!!✨ DHDJDHSB HI MDHDGDBFXBYJXYFJJYXYDYJX

    I am the queen of hugs, president meep, a father, a little sister, someones Child, and a murderer

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