• Hey! I'm Kyle... (Wot now)
    Q and A:

    Fave's.. Umm...uhh..I actually don't know.

    Fave moive: ummm OO OO I KNOW I KNOW.. ITS UMM...DAT FILM THING!!

    Fave colour: red red red red red red red red red red red...and some more red

    Fave ppl:Fucking Blue Furrie The dieing account✺,,,,, Veronica... I'm lonly.. I don't have any friends but them sooooooo... Thanks for being my friend.. I guess.. (:

    Fave tv show: don't judge me buttttt attack on Titan anddddd Steven universe (don't fucking judge me)

    Crush: ... Ehhhhhhhh I don't feel comfortable saying this but.. IMA SAY IT ANYWAY! It's Veronica..
    (Most of you Probably know that..

    WOT SHOULD I SAY NOW??? /: heeeehh I'm awkward...

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