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  • I like bean and mai they are my heart there my family there my people also snow/wolfie is too also my other friends are too :>

    Also no drama on my account or I will use my salty voice

    Hello fuckers it me richie =<=..
    People ship me with eddie and billy
    Im part of the loser club
    I hit pennywise with a bat
    Ok now shoo
    You can float too but im not
    Also I like eddie more then billy
    Ok now shoo

    Hewwo bitchos it me james >:3
    My real name is james but yiu can call me rose or firerose!
    I have no age
    I don't know my backstory..!
    Hehe.. I can be shy
    But I can kill you =)
    Also I gave richie a collar!
    Ok now bai

    Its me will.. (my au of will)
    Im scared of the upside down
    I haven't been on a lot of the show :'>...
    I have this shadow thing in me
    Mom trying to get it out
    My friends are eleven,mike,dustin, and lucas
    Max join us I think.. but I don't know her
    Ok now bye before he gets you

    Ello im armbillo nice to met ya :'0!!
    I am 8 :D!
    I am really happy I like to jump!
    Im a am a giga pudding dragon and a doggo :3
    Im bi
    I am as sweet as candy sometimes ;3
    I like jumping! Wait did I just say that..?
    Ok now I gonna go bai :3

    Crying myself to sleep
    Listening to music
    Going to sports
    Going to hell (school)
    On youtube
    Sleeping <
    Doing shit

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