• Hello! I'm Firelight! I made ANOTHER Account because I forgot my password to my other accounts! Well here you go to know more about me!
    1. Diamond (She met me when I first started and she’s been my best friend since. ❤️)
    2. Pink Pya (I met her about 3 Days after she started the Pink Pya account. I still ❤️ her no matter what.)
    3. Gręÿ (My demon girl. ;) She is SUPER awesome I really love her A LOT more than dum dums. I love her personality with me tho. ❤️)
    4. Foggi/Rhythmic (We May have 1 ship but we sure are something. ❤️)
    5. Spark (Spark, she’s my favorite ‘lil girl. I love the way she lights up my day. ❤️)
    6. Ølkwai (Ølkwai. He’s a heck of something. He’s been taking breaks often and I miss him. ❤️ Just as Collie Misses Tex.)
    7. Sharpo (My penguin. We have about 2 ships right now and. It’s awesome. I love hanging out with her because she’s really creative and fun ❤️)
    8. Tabitha/Goldie (I love her. She’s really funny and nice. She’d be there to cheer me up and i love her for that. ❤️)
    9. Suki (Yes. We have 1 ship so far but it’s a SeXy ship. I actually ❤️ Suxi’s personality.)
    10. Blubby! (Yes. Caleb. He’s one of my friends in school. He’s funny and casual. He’s. Bisexual but a bit more gay? He told me to say that. Sorry ;-;)
    (This is not my number 1 friend BEST friend to my plain friend, it's just all of BFFS and I love them equally no one outnumbers another in my world ;>)
    OC'S And their Realationships!
    Me • Engaged to Pat!
    Slime Lenin • Married to Gloss
    Canine Greenly • Married to Peri
    Lilo Pell • Married to Luke
    Layla Le'lione • Married to Fillin. Jr
    Misha Livoté • Engaged to Darcy
    Mykro Livoté • Engaged to Anisha
    Ashling Santana • Engaged to Ash
    Iva-Rae Ochoa • Engaged to Amber
    Chris Chandler • Engaged to Space
    Nora Jakin • Engaged to Teller
    Saphro Livoté • Dating Jason
    Flame Livoté • Dating Jax
    Syro Livotę • Dating Pixel
    Laze Heat • Dating Sean
    Gunner Reed • Dating Graham
    Honey Reed • Dating Hex
    Sam Lacari • Dating Sandra
    Patchy Caro • Dating Plush
    Levo Gromley • Dating Eve/Girl
    Asher Santana • Dating Eve/Boy
    Hadrian Howell • Dating Freya
    Soro Livoté • Dating Damien
    H.F Johnson • Dating H.G!
    Joanna Davila • Dating Mallhalw
    Onix Colaylo • Dating Kiki
    Shawn Reed • Dating Everett
    Corl Tindol • Dating Carrie
    Charlie Harriswood • Dating Ella
    Hydro Crisan • Dating Toxin
    Teals McCoy • Dating Oceana
    Collie McCoy • Dating Tex
    Spider Smith • Crushing on Bewolf
    Khalid Leveida • Dating Ian
    Kevin Jakin • Dating Tay
    Samuel Adams • Crushing on Christopher
    Collen Adams • Crushing on Amy
    Otto Howell • Crushing on Kyle
    Linda Mercer • Crushing on Kiel
    Rosalind Robins • Crushing on Nightle
    Sunny Michaels • Crushing on Amare
    Jonah Willowby • Crushing on Mark
    Gunny Reed • Crushing on Smith
    Wyatt Livo • Crushing on Violet
    Kyle Jones • Crushing on Berry
    Jordan Decker • Crushing On Vader
    Felina Ochoa • Single (?)
    Bebe Baere • Single (?)
    --Hii! I'm your bitch, FireLight--
    •I'm the at the age of 20 something
    •Yes, I'm not single so back off from me
    •I'm Engaged to Pat!
    •Lovely is the type of Adjective for me.
    •We have a baby girl named Bebe and she is adorable~!

    --Hello, I'm Slime!--
    •I'm Married to the most beautiful Gloss!
    •I'm already a great grandfather
    •Misty and Borax are good kids but Misty's daughter has issues
    •I feel so old man,

    --Heyyy! I'm Canine--
    •I'm a Bone Dog. Rare species
    •I'm Married to the lovely Peri!
    •Call me up~!
    •I have some ups and downs but I don't like the downs.

    --Hey! I'm Lilo!--
    •I'm Married to the Hot Lukey!
    •We have a Cat named Lilo.Jr and a son named Krape!
    •I usually can't sleep if I don't have Lukey by my side ^^"
    •I have a brother but he gets drunk a lot..

    --Hey! *giggle* I'm Layla~!--
    •I'm Married to Fillin.Jr
    •I'm 100% in love with him~!
    •We have a daughter named Liliana <://)
    •I Hide my eyes Mostly.

    —Heyy! I'm Misha!--
    •I'm dating the beautiful Darcy!
    •May Propose if I have the courage!
    •We have a son named Janvier~!
    •I have 2 eyes they are just not visible under my hair.

    --Heyy I'm Mykro!--
    •I have a really Awkward name.
    •I have 3 brothers and a sister!
    •I'm Engaged to Anisha!
    •I like being in my shell than out of it ^^"

    --Hi! I'm Ashling~!--
    •I'm Engaged to Ash!
    •We have a handsome son named Asher~!
    •My hair was genetic I don't like hair dye
    •What's up with you today?

    —Heyyy! I’m Iva!!—
    •My name is Iva-Rae but you can call me Iva for short.
    •I’m Engaged to Amber!
    •I’m straight!
    •My Sister is Felina!

    —Hey! I’m Chris!—
    •I’m straight
    •I’m Engaged to Space!
    •I’m a doggy! Woof!
    •Yes. Touch my ears if you wanna ;/////; I get a lot of requests for that

    —Hey! I’m Nora!—
    •Yes. I’m straight
    •If I were you I would regret messing with me because woo wee do I have a mood!
    •Y-Yes I’m Engaged toTeller~! (////) *thinks: ‘He’s so damn handsome’*
    •Out of Teal and Red my favorite Color would be Red!

    --Hi! I'm Saphro.--
    •I'm Dating Jason! ^^
    •Yes, I read a lot.
    •I'm gay just so you know.
    •I like privacy when I'm reading

    --Hey. I'm Flame--
    •Oldest of the Siblings, Haha!
    •I'm Dating Jax!
    •Cause I want you back~~ Yeah I want you baby~~

    --Hey..I'm Syro.--
    •I'm Dating Pixel! ^^
    •Real Badass.
    •We have a daughter named Pix!
    •If you hurt anybody in my family next thing you will see is this fist in your face.

    --Hey! I'm Laze!--
    •I'm Dating Sean!
    •When I'm mad flames come out of my ears.
    •Yes, I do want a kid. Don't judge >://(

    --Heyyy! I'm Gunner!--
    •Yes, Is dating the sexy Graham~
    •I have a hat of my boyfriend *puts it on*
    •We have a son named Nathan and he is a hoot!

    --Hey. I'm Honey.--
    •I'm Dating Hex!!
    •I'm Pregnant.
    •I have One eye.
    •My bro is Gunner.

    --Heyy. I'm Sam.--
    •I'm dating Sandra!
    •A bit sexual~?
    •We are expecting a baby~! ^^

    --Hey! I'm Patchy!--
    •I'm dating Plush!
    •I'm a lesbian!
    •I love the buttons on my eyes! ^\\^

    --Hey. I'm Asher!--
    •I'm dating Eve!
    •Yes, im Gay.
    •We have a baby girl named Ana~!
    •*giggling* ~~!

    --Hey. I'm Levo.--
    •I'm Dating Eve~!
    •Straight as a Straight line.
    •I was suicidal once...but I got over it..

    —Heyy! I’m Hadrian!!—
    •Dating Freya so no asking out this guy.
    •I blush A LOT if you touch my abs or bicep.
    •I’m really flirty~
    •My bro is Otto

    —Heyy. I’m Soro.—
    •Dating Damien~ ://P
    •My..Sister has leukemia..
    •I’m really Flirty
    •I’m a cousin of the Siblings! If you know who they are.

    —Heyyyy~! I’m H.F~!—
    •Yes I’m a lesbian. Don’t judge this girl
    •I’m dating H.G!
    •I’m the Human Version Of FireLight!
    •I’m usually happy. You don’t see me mad a lot.

    —Hey! I’m Joanna!—
    •I’m straight!
    •I’m Dating Mallhalw!
    •Don’t mind me. I’m not trouble
    •The Teal in my hair represents my eyes~!

    —Hey! I’m Onix!—
    •I got myself a beautiful girl! Her name is Kiki
    •My eyes are light blue! Like the sky!
    •If you blush. I may blush back.
    •I’m a ginger deer!

    —Hey! I’m Shawnnn!—
    •I’m a two eyed weirdo.
    •My mom and Dad are honey and Hex!
    •I’m Dating the hot and handsome Everett! What lucky boy l am~
    •Just because my mom and Dad are straight doesn’t mean l am

    —Heylo. I’m Corl!—
    •I’m Dating the beautiful Carrie!
    •The dark toothpaste rose feather on my head was a rose from my mom...Who....Died
    •I’m a wolf? I think.
    •I’m Straight. Yes. Because I find Girls appealing.

    —Hey!! I’m *singsong* Charliee~!!—
    •I’m a Maltese!!
    •I’m Straighter that every straight line in this world ;)
    •I’ve got my beautiful/hot girlfriend Ella. I have no idea what I could do without her..~
    •*hair gets more fluffy* God Dammit!! Why do I have this stupid hair?!

    —Hey Cutie Pie! I’m Hydro!—
    •Ladies. Don’t touch my Toxin. He’s mine ;)
    •I’m straight. Yes. ;)
    •My favorite dresses are bright Yellow tight dresses!
    •Don’t touch my ears because they are really sensitive ;//;

    --Hey! Im Tealsss~--
    •My girlfriend is Oceana!
    •Im a lesbian~!
    •I've go a really tiny and fluffy tail. You can touch it if you want!
    •I-I like having fun with O-Oceana..~ A lot~ <://)

    —Heyyo Chaps and Lady’s~! I’m Collie!—
    •I’m a Purple hot gay ;//)
    •My sister is Teals! She’s a bit Koo-Koo /Teals: Collie!! >:(
    •My Boyfriend is Tex and I really really love him~ <://)
    •I don’t know about you but I’m about ready to run through a brick wall.

    —Hey punk. I’m Khalid. Now fuck off—
    •I have a boyfriend named Ian. So I’m NOT single.
    •Mess with Ian or Nora then your dead.
    •Teller wouldn’t be my favorite person in the world :P even though Fire ships us. ._.”
    •Me and Nora are called ‘Twinsies’ we aren’t twins!! /Nora: Yes we are! We were born at the same time you dumbass!

    —Hey!! I’m Kevin!!—
    •I have a bright soul. Don’t mess with it.
    •Tay is my adorable boyfriend~!! Who I will love forever.
    •My mom and Dad are Teller and Nora.
    •My Uncles Are Khalid and Ian! ^\\^

    --Hi! I'm Spider!--
    •I have 4 eyes!
    •I have a crushiee
    •I get blushy. A lot.

    --Hey. I'm Samuel.--
    •I'm Gay.
    •I'm Crushing on Chrisssyy!
    •I have a brother!
    •My best friend is Love!

    --Hey. I'm Collen.--
    •Straight as this line -> |
    •Crushing on Amy
    •Got my bro, Samuel!

    --Hi Im Otto.--
    •Yes, I'm gay.
    •I'm crushing on Kyle. He makes my day brighter
    •My Bro is Hadrian. He'a bisexual so you can have him \030/

    —Hey! I’m L-Linda!—
    •I-I have a crush on K-Kiel ////////
    •I’m straight-t
    •I have Pink and Yellow fluffy hair.
    •Don’t mess with me or anyone I love or I will SNAP.

    —Hey! I’m Rosalind!—
    •My momma and dad are Chia and Dasher!
    •I have three eyes!
    •I have a crush on Nightle!
    •I take after my dad, of course ;)

    —Hey! I’m Sunny!—
    •Yes. I have a girls name. I know I know.
    •I have a crush on Amare.
    •I can be a bit flirty~ even for my young age
    •You’ll mostly see me in a blue shirt. It represents my eyes ;)

    —Hey! I’m Jonahhh~!—
    • Haha yes. I’m Gay
    • I have a crushy wushy on my Mark~ ^\\^\\^
    • Yes I blush a lot. \\\\\\\
    • Blep. //////

    —Hey! I’m Gunny!—
    •Yes I’m straight
    •I’m Crushing on Smith!
    •I’m the genderbent Gunner ;)
    •I’m flirty, hehe~~

    —Hey! I’m Wyatt!—
    •Got a crush on Violet~!
    •*Thinking* ~~
    •I get flirty, a bit.
    •I’m nice ;) don’t worry

    —Hey! I’m Kyle!—
    •I’m Flirty ;)
    •*puts on AXE* ~
    •Got me a crush, her name is Berry
    •1: Do not touch my wings unless your my crush/girlfriend!
    Sparkles (Dog)
    Leo (Dog)
    Billy (Dog)
    Jenny (Cat)
    Charlie (Fish)
    Charla (Fish)
    Banana Cream (Horse)
    Yala (Corgilion)
    Tom (Corgilion)
    Slo (Wolfite)
    Q & A

    Q. Where do you live?
    A. Somewhere in Florida. I only told people who i trust

    Q. What's your age?
    A. You would probably know since i blurt it out too much.

    Q. Lover/fiancé/husband?
    A. Pat! My lovie dovie andddd, the good news is that we are engaged!

    Q. Crush irl?
    A. I actually just got a boyfriend and his name is Johnathan~! ^^

    Q. How many pets do you have?
    A. Irl? Well, six!

    Q. Best friend irl?
    A. Angel- lily and she's SOO nice! ^^ She brags sometimes but shes nice.

    Q. Best friend on here?
    A. I love you guys equally so you are all my Baes! (////)
    Well. That's it for now Lovey doveys! Byeee! And don't forget to follow my friend Blubby! He's really nice!
    Offline <-
    Really bored
    Eating dum dums
    Sleeping/Tired <-
    At school

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