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  • Hai!! I hope u enjoy my drawings! ❤️ -from a girl that's nice, caring, and lovable -w- LOVE YOU ALL
    I love animals, I am tall and curious, has short attention span, hates doing stuff in public (singing, dancing, EXISTING in general)

    Bff- SimpleToon
    Plz be my BESTIE PLZ
    Good singer (as told)
    Snapchat- mcast1122
    Instagram- mcast4956
    Minecraft- StrawberryMC12

    Why did they kick the toucan out of the hotel?
    -He had a long bill
    *other peps* That’s not funny
    *me* I shall kill you with his bill

    I love to draw and I hope my future career doesn’t interfere with my passion
    *whispers* My future job is veterinarian and YouTuber to get a lot of that money *making it rain with 1 dollar bills*
    I need mooney
    I hate people who over exaggerate and who show off about their LuXuRiOuS items >:^

    I won’t dab on them haters, as you kids say, but instead I’ll kick them in the face with my foot and hit them with a car. I’m watching you from your window. I’m serious.

    Here's a poem;
    Dance with the waves,
    move with the sea.
    Let the rhythm of the water
    set your soul free.
    -Christy Ann Martine

    Feelings get hurt easily ;-; *cough, cough* WIMP *cough, cough*

    Huh? •-• ♡♡♡♡♡

    YouTube Channel: Smart Cookies wif pic of doggo and 8 sub's

    Have a good day/night <3

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