• -Hello Ma'am
    - Will you help me find my son? His name is Samuel
    -Will you please find him?
    -No sorry, I'm working
    -Please, his name is Samuel
    -She switch cash ragister! WHY?! I WANT MY SON!!! WHERE DID YOU PUT MY- Or I mean Where did you put my son?
    -Do you want to order?
    -I'd like to order one... One Samuel

    My ocs:
    Felina (aka meh) ♥ TAKEN ♥
    Toro ♥TAKEN♥
    Auro ×FREE×
    Quro ×FREE×
    Greg ♡HAS A CRUSH♡
    Daisy ♥TAKEN♥
    Space ×FREE×
    Upesi ♡HAS A CRUSH♡
    Mayson ♥TAKEN♥
    Noah ♥TAKEN♥
    Ash ♡HAS A CRUSH♡
    FireFlame ♥TAKEN♥
    SnowFlake ×FREE×
    Sydney ×FREE×
    Quira ×FREE×
    Milky ♡HAS A CRUSH♡
    Shift ×FREE×
    -There will be more-

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