Bitch Lasagna


  • Thanks for checking in, although I'm still a piece of garbage

    I strongly hate myself

    Join date: 10th October 2017

    Felina (main) (Pansexual) TAKEN BY SCAR
    Felix (Genderbend main) (Pansexual) TAKEN BY GENDERBEND SCAR
    The Sticker (Pansexual) Crushing on Fyona
    Louiso (Homosexual) TAKEN BY SÖREN
    Soy/Upesi (Bisexual) Single
    Sydney (Hetero) Single
    Mayson (Herero) TAKEN BY ELLIE
    Adult Bendy (Idk still) Single
    SnowFlake/SnowBall (Hetero) Single
    FireFlame (Hetero) TAKEN BY STAR
    Space (Hetero) CRUSHING ON DAVID
    Daisy (Hetero) TAKEN BY VALT
    Alicia (Bisexual) Single
    Greg (Bisexual) Single
    Noah (Homosexual) TAKEN BY LEAH
    Toro (Hetero) TAKEN BY GALAXY
    Auro (Bisexual) CRUSHING ON JIN
    Sora/Quro (Pansexual) Single
    Cole (Homosexual) CRUSHING ON ZAK
    Milky (Bisexual) CRUSHING ON COFFEE
    Bethany (Hetero) CRUSHING ON JAX
    Cloudie (Pansexual) TAKEN BY PUMPKIN SEED
    Topaz (Bisexual) TAKEN BY ZELINAO
    Fluorite (Homosexual) Single
    Robert (Homosexual) CRUSHING ON JACKIE
    Candy Corn (Bisexual) CRUSHING ON AJ (ALMOND JOY)
    Tony (Pansexual) Single
    Amber (Hetero) CRUSHING ON LUTER
    8-Ball (Polysexual) single
    Rito (He’s a child so nah)

    Where you can find me:
    AnimeMaker: You're here jimbo
    Sketch: @Bich_Lasagna
    YouTube: Someone Lazy

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