RiFi stole the wifi


  • Hoooiiiiiiii so before u start asking questions i was neko arts i got kicked out
    Idk I love eddsword so #dontjuge
    Taken by no one
    Tomtord sin is my life
    Bello my name is riley! Not goin to say
    I have things for both genders so yeaaaa mom im so fuking srry
    I am a single Pringle
    I am french but now i dont know how to speak it very well now
    I have a bit of a actent but u cant rlly hear it
    Andddd thats all (female bish)
    Oh and im a commie to all my friends
    W E L C O M E T O M Y D A R K B L U E A R M Y A C C O U T
    A:um hi?
    Q:-stares soul out-
    A: uuhhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf
    A:get away from me
    A:HECK NO!!!!
    Q:i suck at this don't i
    A:yeeaaaahhhh u do
    Q:I'm out
    A:ok -stabs Q-
    Q:u got a senpaai???????!!!!!
    A:no rlly i am a single pringle
    Q: hehe
    A:I hate u
    Q:I hate u too....... Senpai
    A:I thought I killed u
    Q:well u didn't so............kiss me
    A: WTF NO!!!
    A: i wanna be alive i am alive alive i tell you mother i love u i wanna hold i wanna run in the stream!!
    Ok ok ok ok fine i live in VA i travel ALOT!
    I love you so much
    I love you so muc
    I love you so mu
    I love you so m
    I love you s
    I love you
    I love yo
    I love y
    I love
    I lov
    I lo
    I l
    I l
    I lo
    I lov
    I love
    I love y
    I love yo
    I love you s
    I love you so
    I love you so m
    I love you so mu
    I love you so muc
    I love you so much
    Q:are we done yet?
    A:well i can't just give them one email, i wanna show that i was, like, a good friend u know
    Q:OH MY GOD!!!
    A: Dear conner Marphy, yes i also miss our talks. Stop doing drugs, just try to take deep breaths and go on walks.
    A:I'm sending pictures of the most amazing trees
    A:you'll be obsessed with all of my forest experience
    A:Dude, I'm proud of u! Just keep pushing through! You're turning around i can see!
    Let me die alone pls

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